September 13, 2022

Trucking Across America: West Coast Sights
Trucking Across America: West Coast Sights
The Columbia River Gorge, a West Coast Sight to see when Trucking Across America.

Trucking Sights When Driving the West Coast

Armada Trucking Group terminals expand across America, and driving them means experiencing the road trip of a lifetime while getting paid.

California, Oregon, and Washington comprise what we know as the Pacific West Coast and offer beauty ranging from beaches and warm water in the South to forests and rain in the Pacific Northwest. Working as a trucker for Armada Trucking Group means being able to experience all 48 drivable states and uncover what sights await in each. This time we are focusing on the Pacific West Coast and what wonders traversing the states in this region may unveil.

Trucking Sights: Driving Through California

Driving through California, passing our Ventura terminal, you will get a glimpse of the pacific coast with its beaches of crashing waves and white sands. The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most scenic drives you can take in the country. It is a slower route, and trucks don’t use it in some places, but if you have some extra time, 2 days on the pacific coast will provide enough time to explore.

When driving north from the Tracy and Oakland California terminal areas, you will soon be greeted by towering giants, their branches waving in the wind from the side of the road. Witnessing the magnificence of the redwood forests and feeling the cool air flowing in as you roll down the windows is wonderful.

Trucking Sights: Driving Through Oregon

After crossing out of California, the green “Now Entering Oregon” sign will come up on the right, lost in the trees, easy to miss. The more north we travel, the greener it gets, and soon your long-haul voyage will be met with even lusher forests and glistening lakes. Portland, Oregon, is in the north, almost at the border of Washington, and it is the location of one of our terminals.

On the way to Portland, you will go through Eugene, close to the Willamette National Forest. Time may not be of the essence, but if you find some time for a quick walk in the woods, the healing powers of nature will leave you rejuvenated; plus, after sitting behind the wheel for so long, a short hike or walk will do your body good.

On the way to Portland, you’ll also pass through Salem, Oregon’s capital. Oregon offers plenty of things to see while driving, some of which can be experienced from behind the wheel, and others, like Multnomah Falls and Crater Lake, require an extra detour.

Trucking Sights: Driving Through Washington

Washington is the last stop on our West Coast Sights Trucking Across America tour, and when things couldn’t get any greener, we entered the Evergreen State. Tacoma, and Seattle, Washington’s largest city, are where our terminals take us, with plenty of sights to witness on the way. Although somewhat off the beaten path, Olympic National Forest may be one of the country’s most beautiful forests. Visiting is highly recommended if you can find some extra time somewhere. The Evergreen State needs plenty of water, making Washington one of the states with the most rain. Learning about driving in the rain and what can be expected during downpours is essential.

Being a truck driver isn’t just about adventure and beautiful sights. It is, however, a job that takes you on the road for long periods, traversing across America from the redwood forests to the gulf stream waters, so catching a pleasant sight or two is inevitable. If a life on the road is appealing, get a trucking job.