July 18, 2021

Truck Driver Shortage: Where have our drivers gone?
Truck Driver Shortage: Where have our drivers gone?

The truck driver shortage hasn’t filled many gaps and remains an issue for many companies. Why is there such a shortage of truck drivers, and where have our drivers gone?

The decrease in available drivers, primarily for long haul operations, cannot be accredited to just one aspect but many, worth exploring.

Banned Truck Drivers

The Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse reported that over 60,000 truck drivers have a CDL in a prohibited status, keeping them off the roads until they complete a Return-to-Duty process.

The ATA estimates a driver shortage of over 60,000 since 2019, which may continue to grow. A high percentage of drivers needed to fill the gap seems tied up in holds on their CDL’s involving drugs and alcohol.

Shortages of Truck Drivers with Experience

Finding drivers who have experience driving semi-trucks across multiple states and terrains has also become difficult, and the “experienced truck driver” is becoming a vintage staple.

Experienced drivers want to make more money and have more rest, which is now possible. Insurance opportunities for drivers change hiring and experience requirements. Some trucking companies now offer training programs for potential drivers.

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Technological Advances Driving Away Truck Drivers

Since introducing new technologies to the trucking world, the interest seems to dwindle the more technology takes over. The truck driver culture was somewhat interrupted by the introduction of things like electronic logs and trackers present in most semi-trucks these days.

Technologies were put in place to enhance safety and efficiency but took away the freedom on the road that many truckers yearn to feel.

Tackling these areas that might be keeping the industry from recovering from the shortage can help turn around the deficit and help get more drivers on the road.