October 17, 2021

Looking for Work? Get a Trucking Job
Looking for Work? Get a Trucking Job
Looking for Work? Get a Trucking Job

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”- Aristotle. A career in the trucking industry may be that key that puts the “P” in both pleasure and perfection. Looking for work shouldn’t be a struggle, but with unemployment aid ending and COVID19 concerns lingering, it seems more challenging to jump back into the workforce. Trucking jobs are available and are appealing to individuals attempting to return to work.

Job Aid Ending, Many Looking for Work

COVID19 struck the nation with full force, reducing hours, furloughing workers, and leading to many job losses. The CARES Act was put in place in March 2020 and provided extra benefits and additional unemployment funding to assist workers suffering from pandemic labor difficulties. The government extended the end date of supplemental unemployment benefits twice, with the final expiration date being September 4th, 2021. With additional benefits ending, individuals are now returning to work despite lingering concerns regarding COVID19 job safety, access to childcare, and general work availability.

The Importance of Work in a Trucking Job

The trucking industry has been battling to fill driver voids for a while, and with individuals looking to rejoin the workforce, victory seems favorable. Trucking will remain a vital asset to a functioning economy, transporting just about every good consumed by the people. The holidays are around the corner, and demand for goods continues to rise as the nation inches closer to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. As demand increases, so does the need for supply, hindered by pandemic concerns and reduced labor. Suppliers are pushing to provide as much product as possible to consumers, the trucking workforce being the missing link. Driver shortages continue to burden the industry, needing more than 60,000 drivers to fill the void. Trucking companies are appealing to women in an attempt to fill driver shortages.

Why a Trucking Job is a Right Choice

Getting back to work after dealing with pandemic hardships is easier said than done for some. Returning to a job held before COVID19 or starting a new one may seem intimidating, and making the right decision is essential. The importance of the trucking industry is becoming more prevalent, with the need for drivers continuing to increase. Trucking companies are changing pay scales, offering benefits, and addressing driver concerns to make the job more appealing. Flexibility is also being implemented for truck drivers with scheduling concerns, offering shorter route options, part-time and more. Looking for a trucking company to drive for? Check out all the job opportunities Armada Trucking Group has to offer.