May 22, 2021

Getting Back To Work: Unemployment assistance
Getting Back To Work: Unemployment assistance

Returning to normalcy after so long can be difficult because many Americans have been relying on unemployment insurance and added COVID19 unemployment relief benefits after losing their jobs during the pandemic.

With COVID19 cases continuing to decline due to the successful rollout of vaccines across the nation, it seems the world is slowly starting to spin back into a pre-pandemic lifestyle.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the American Rescue Plan has extended the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and the additional $300 in weekly benefits until September 6th. On May 10th, President Joe Biden addressed the economy and stated, regarding unemployment benefits, that “anyone collecting unemployment which is offered a suitable job must take the job or lose their unemployment benefits.”

Employers will be calling back laid-off employees, and jobs will continue to open. It’s important to be ready and understand the options available to help ease you back into the workforce flow.

Additional Government Unemployment Assistance

Unemployment insurance benefits might be coming to an end soon, which means a return to the workforce for many Americans. Luckily, it seems the government isn’t just going to throw you into the deep end but is offering additional steps in helping Americans get back to work.

The most prominent issue people are facing when it comes to returning to work is access to childcare. Many children are still practicing online learning or returning to school for only a couple of days. The pandemic was forcing daycares to close, leaving parents without childcare options when returning to work.

The Biden-Harris Administration provides funding in the American Rescue Plan to address the childcare crisis caused by COVID19 and allow parents to find reliable childcare for their children when they return to work. The administration is also working to open schools as quickly and safely as possible to address the childcare crisis

The Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit in the American Rescue Plan will also provide Americans with a tax credit for childcare expenses. Trucking companies are rolling out more options for different kinds of truck driving, with weekly home time available for those who need it.

Back to Work Part-time, Still Receive Assistance

Employers also provide additional assistance, allowing employees to return to work part-time without losing full unemployment insurance benefits. The Biden Administration introduced two programs, a short-time compensation program designed for employees returning to their original place of work and a partial UI program for workers starting new jobs at reduced hours.

These programs will allow employees to still collect a portion of unemployment benefits and the extra $300 weekly supplement until the designated date. A partial UI program is an option for workers starting new jobs at reduced hours, enabling them to continue receiving some unemployment benefits.

Jump Right Back to Work, No Unemployment Assistance Needed

If you’re ready to join the workforce and you can’t wait to get back to putting in as many hours as possible, now you can again. With these assistances in place, it may be more tempting than ever to jump back into what you did before or dive into a new opportunity.

Many companies are starting to hire again as the pandemic winds down, and jobs will continue to become available as COVID19 numbers decrease. When you’re ready to get behind the wheel again, safely and efficiently, check out how a small trucking company might be the right choice.