May 28, 2021

A Quick Vacation Guide: 2 Days on the Pacific Coast
A Quick Vacation Guide: 2 Days on the Pacific Coast

This time we only have two days for a quick vacation to see the best of the pacific coast in a short amount of time. The Big Sur area is a prime destination to drive to, with plenty to see and explore nearby. The Pacific Coast offers some of the most breathtaking views ranging from cascading cliffs and beautiful blue ocean waters to lush redwood forests, entrancing any traveler tryng to find rest after hard work

Explore Big Sur on a Quick Vacation to the Pacific Coast

Driving from LA to Big Sur will take approximately 6 hours via the US101 and Highway 1. Add on at least another 3 hours for stopping to sight-see along the way, grabbing a bite to eat, or anything else you might want to do.

Quick Vacation Lodging on the Pacific Coast

The Ventana Big Sur hotel may be the definition of luxury, but a hefty price tag comes with all that luxe. With views of crashing waves of the pacific and the serenity of the redwood forests, it’s worth saving up for and treating yourself for a special occasion. It is adults only, so leave the kids behind and reconnect with a special someone.

Meals are currently included in the price, encompassing an expansive all-inclusive experience with some of the best surroundings you can imagine. Dine all day at the Sur House restaurant or poolside, and if you’re still craving a charcuterie board or a ham and brie sandwich at midnight, they have your back with their in-suite late-night menu.

Don’t forget to book a treatment at the hotel’s Spa Alila, which according to the website, “will leave you with a profound sense of well-being-one that takes hold deep in your soul.”

  • Ragged Point Inn and Resort

If you didn’t set a quick vacation budget for luxury lodging, Ragged Point Inn and Resort is a reasonably priced option. With rooms along cliffsides with the sounds of waves crashing below, the Resort is a prime destination for a quick vacation. It is slightly further away from some famous sights, but the cliffsides’ views compensate for it.

  • Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Campgrounds

A great option to check out what Big Sur has to offer while surrounding yourself in nature is to camp in one of the campgrounds in the area. Camping is a great, budget-friendly way to stay in Big Sur and explore the Pacific Coast if you’re looking for a rustic experience. Pfeiffer Big Sur Park Campgrounds is a magnificent and popular campground and can fill up six months in advance, so make sure to get reservations well before your trip.

There are other campgrounds available for reservations, and some are first-come, first-serve if you are willing to take the risk. Camping usually means bringing food with you and cooking it at your campsite. There are plenty of places to eat along the way, and many campgrounds have lodges nearby where you can grab a bite to eat.

The park is worth checking out whether you’ll be camping there or stopping to hike or explore. No matter the choice you make for your accommodations, you are within short driving distances of plenty of beauty that Big Sur has to offer.

Quick Vacation Sights to See Along the Pacific Coast

The drive along the California Highway 1 is the best part of a trip to Big Sur. Stopping at turnouts to take pictures and looking for random little restaurants is where the beauty lies. Bixby Bridge is a must-see when exploring the Pacific Coast. Completed in 1932, it soars 260 feet above a steep canyon. There are plenty of viewpoints available for breathtaking pictures or to marvel at the beauty of the bridge and its surroundings. The blue-green waters of the Point Lobos Nature Reserve are a sight that can’t be missed when visiting the Pacific Coast. With hiking trails and even scuba diving options, the reserve has plenty to offer.

Two days for a vacation may not be a long time so getting in as much as possible is always the goal. Next time you’re looking for a quick vacation, consider driving up the Pacific coast to Big Sur. For other quick vacation ideas, check out some of our recommendations for Joshua Tree and Palm Springs.