We dare to be DIFFERENT


Choose between FedEx Ground, Amazon Transportation and our Reefer division for the best coverage in any economical climate. These shipping giants offer a consistent workload year-around and the best thing is you can try them all and find the best fit for you.

Drop and hook

Choose FedEx or Amazon for a terminal to terminal operation, drop and hook trailers so you never have to deal with the freight. No loading, unloading, tight customer docks, waiting on truck stops for the next load.

Wait, Not

If you don’l like waiting, you will love our Amazon lane. Everything is scheduled a week ahead and available on your phone for dispatch. Fast paced environment covering up to 7000 miles per week in a team environment. There is no time to waste, keep rolling.

Team driving

We have the secret sauce. Team driving is not easy but here at Armada we formed over 100 successful teams and know what it takes. Its all about selection and options. We rotate teams on a weekly basis until you find a good fit. Even then, its not set in stone. Rotate out any time, for any reason. Best of all, its only a week long assignment. You could drive with your in-laws for a week…


All new Freightliner Cascadia Evolution equipment with the best available safety and comfort packages.


Ryder nationwide support system. If you experience a breakdown anywhere in the US, Ryder will tow a replacement vehicle to keep you moving. No more down time for equipment maintenance or service.


Refrigerator is only a start. Premium mattress and best safety technology available on the market. When you snooze, do it right.


All vehicles are equipped with Electronic Log Books, PrePass Weigh Station bypass and appropriate toll transponders.


Our trucks are equipped with the best available safety equipment on the marked today. These systems are designed to help you avoid accidents and save lives. Trucks are equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision avoidance systems with active braking, Lane departure warnings, advanced stability systems and rollover prevention systems.


A complete Benefits package is only a start. Retirement benefits and Life insurance allow you to plan and protect your future as well as your family today.

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