June 7, 2022

Truck Driver Named Job of the Future
Truck Driver Named Job of the Future
Truck Drivers See Promising Future

With a future full of self-checkouts and robots serving fast food, the threat to job security is higher than ever. Which careers will thrive over the years, and which will technology leave in its dust? A truck driver is one job that will continue to thrive in the future, growing and innovating but staying very much popular and essential. Why truck drivers are crucial, what does the future for a trucker look like, and how can you start a career as a trucker are questions worth answering.

Why a Truck Driver is Important For the Future

A career as a truck driver is in a category of jobs continuing to grow for at least the next ten years. In 2018, products moved by trucks exceeded $66 billion and continue to be the primary means of transporting goods today. The increase in consumerism makes the truck driver a fast-growing job, projected to gain popularity and demand for at least ten years. Products often need to be delivered from one side of the U.S. to the other, which requires the assistance of a long-haul truck driver. Long-haulers cover the 48 drivable states delivering anything from clothing and produce to full-size vehicles. Just about everything we use daily has been driven around in a truck.

What the Future of a Truck Driver Job Looks Like

  1. New and Improved Semi-Trucks for the Long-Haul

    Innovations in the transportation sector are rolling out faster than ever, with the demand for more efficiency growing. The semi-truck has been an icon for truck drivers for many years featuring colors of red, blue, and black, dominating the roads with aggressive designs that mean business. The future of the semi-truck is promising and sleeker, and more energy-efficient trucks are already on the streets. Although the need to go green is increasing, and electric-powered trucks are making an appearance, Diesel still dominates the fuel world with a power not yet paralleled by other forms. Today’s semi-trucks also favor the truck driver, improving sleeping areas and all other aspects of the truck’s interior.

  2. Truck Drivers See an Electric Future

    The rise in electric technology to go green for the planet has reached the transportation industry. The presence of electric cars on streets and highways continues to grow, and electric-powered semi-trucks are also joining. The transition to electric trucking has not been easy, with issues such as pulling power and charge time being a tremendous factor. Solutions to charging problems are being tackled with the possible introduction of powerlines known as ehighways to allow for electric charging while on the road eliminating the need for charging stations which can take hours away from a delivery trip. Hauling capabilities are still not as high for electric-powered trucks as Diesel power, and the need for more goods will only require larger trucks and more power to pull loads.

  3. Alternate Energies Powering Future Semi-Trucks

    Hydrogen power is another environmentally friendly fuel alternative to Diesel. With higher hauling abilities and faster and longer charge capabilities, incorporating hydrogen power may help solve some problems raised by battery-electric trucks. The future of trucking seems to be favoring green energy to lower carbon emissions and finding more carbon fuel alternatives such as hydrogen continues to take precedence.

How to Have a Future as a Truck Driver

A future as a truck driver is looking promising, and knowing what is needed to get started can help. Obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is usually the first step toward becoming a truck driver, but behind-the-wheel training may be critical. Learning to maneuver such a large vehicle efficiently and safely is a trucker’s primary responsibility and is a quality that sets each driver apart. Having as much on-the-road training as possible is the key to a successful future as a truck driver, a high-demand job that will continue to grow over the next decade.