April 26, 2017

What is a CDL License?
What is a CDL License?

Driving large trucks and pulling big things requires more training and qualifications than just a regular license. A CDL license will always be needed when driving oversized trucks.

Since the size, weight, and type of cargo determine the class you are in, we’ll try to help you understand what a CDL license is and why it is required.

We will also instruct you on some places you can visit for tests and training.

What Exactly Is a CDL License

A CDL license is a commercial driver’s permit and is different from a regular Class C license. A quick visit to DMV will show you that there are three different classifications for this permit.

Class A CDL license

Here at Armada Trucking Group, we require a Class A CDL license. Each classification caters to the size, weight, and type of cargo you’re transporting.

Class A classification is required for “any combination of vehicles with a GCWR of 26,001 lbs. or more and includes a towed vehicle that is heavier than 10,000 lbs.”

With added weight and length comes added responsibility in the trucking business.

For this reason, the CDL license is required to keep yourself safe and others around you secure.

Requirements for Class A CDL License

The requirements for obtaining your Class A CDL license include a written and behind-the-wheel test. Although educational classes are not necessary, they are a benefit and will help you pass both behind-the-wheel and written examinations.

Roadmaster drivers school features a comprehensive CDL training program that offers 3-4 weeks of preparation for the exam and behind-the-wheel tests.

Jump up into an actual truck with hands-on training and learn to encounter and handle real-world scenarios and emergencies.

A career in the trucking industry can be enriching, but proper training is essential to success, even if it might not be required. The more knowledge you have about what you will face on the road, the easier you will deal with the scenarios presented to you.

There is much responsibility involved with driving a truck, but with much responsibility comes much fulfillment. Reaching your destination after driving a 40,000+ lbs. giant for hours while keeping yourself, the cargo, and everyone else safe is such a rewarding accomplishment.

Visit Roadmaster and check out their training programs to get you on the road!