April 24, 2017

Coffee: How to Fulfill your Addiction on the Road
Coffee: How to Fulfill your Addiction on the Road

For people who drink it and enjoy it on a daily basis, coffee can become almost a religious experience. For truck drivers whose job is on the road getting a good quality cup and enjoy it the way we do at home is almost impossible.

Here we will share some ways to make a fresh traditional brew if you happen to have a little electric plate, propane stovetop, wood fire, or any other source of energy.

Turkish Coffee

If you happen to have access to a little propane-powered stovetop (those are awesome to have when you don’t have an electrical connection) and you’re coming into a truck stop for a rest, you can make yourself an authentic Turkish coffee to keep you awake.

All you need is an ibrik/cezve or just a very small pot for boiling, and of course, the right type of grind.

Turkish method makes the drink stronger than regular, so it is drunk in small teacups. For this reason, the beans have to be very finely milled so that they can settle at the bottom.

You can find great beans and have them ground to the right size at your grocery store before the trip. If you want to be even more traditional, you can get your hand crank grinder and grind your beans fresh on the spot.

If you don’t have access to a stove of some sort, but you have hot water (from microwaving it at a gas station or something), then all you need is a French press! These devices use a medium-coarse grind of coffee and “press” it for you. No plugs ins required

Cold Brew Coffee

Suppose you don’t have a heat source whatsoever; you can take a crack at the cold brew. It is a long process, but that’s what makes it taste so much sweeter.

This method is arguably the healthiest because it contains less acidity than usual and can last longer than hot coffee that has cooled down.

You pretty much soak ground beans in room temperature water for a long time, then strain it. You can easily use this method on the road (not while driving, of course) and have yourself some fresh iced coffee that’s not watered down!

Put Some Love Into Your Coffee

Use these ideas next time you’re trying to find an alternative to Starbucks, and check out our Facebook page, where we share recipes and links to step-by-step instructions for all the methods we mentioned above!

If you drink coffee every day, it is not bad to know different types of the drink and how to make it with the right resources.