October 15, 2018

Truck Stops with the Best Food
Truck Stops with the Best Food

We’ve talked about some general top-of-the-line truck stops in the past, but we haven’t talked about the ones with the best food specifically, and we all know how important a good meal is for a truck driver.

Truck stops aren’t usually known to have the best food, and most of them take pride in their 2 for $3 hot dogs. Old hot dogs and stale nachos are not a meal fit for a truck driver who’s been on the road for hours or days and is looking for a proper bite to make up for the mileage.

However, not all truck stops are created equal, and we have found three that seem to make up for the others in terms of good food.

Truck Stops with Best Food: Johnson’s Corner

One of the truck stops with the best food is Johnson’s Corner in Colorado. It is a full-service truck stop open 24 hours a day since 1952. They offer trucking amenities such as overnight parking, TV lounge areas, full showers and restrooms, free Wi-Fi, and much more.

They also provide a live video feed of road conditions in Colorado. But we’re here to talk about the best food.

Johnson’s Corner restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a Deli to go menu where you can find home-cooked favorites like meatloaf, roast beef, or even hot sandwiches with mashed potatoes and smothered in gravy.

What Johnson’s Corner is world-famous for, though, are their cinnamon rolls. Their cinnamon rolls are so good they were featured on the Food Network and are big enough to be a meal on their own.

If regular delicious cinnamon rolls are too plain for you (although these are everything put simple tasting), they also offer monthly flavors that will get your taste buds flowing.

Truck Stops with Best Food: Dysart’s Truck Stop and Restaurant-Bangor, Maine

Who remembers the buttery, flaky crust video with Jack and Sonya? Well, if that doesn’t get you in the mood for the crispy crust of the famous chicken pot pie at Dysart’s Truck Stop and Restaurant, then we don’t know what will!

Located in Bangor, Maine, it is one of the truck stops with a restaurant that offers good eats and amenities for the on-the-road trucker. Stop by for a hot private shower, full-service garage, lounge, Wi-Fi, and more 24/7.

Stay for their famous chicken pot pies or any other number of fresh home-cooked meals such as Maine fried clams, hot sandwiches, beans and franks, and many more delicacies distinctive to Maine!

Truck Stops with Best Food: Clearwater Travel Plaza-Clearwater, Minnesota

Along with the usual truck stops amenities, including hot showers, lounges, Wi-Fi, etc. Clear Water Travel Plaza prides itself in being your home away from home.

With Nelson Bros. Restaurant, Pub, and Bakery, all the boxes are checked for chow time and rest time. Grab some world-famous fritter French toast and a Bloody Mary to wash it down with for brunch.

Finish it off with donuts the size of your head or a Fritter Bread loaf available in six different flavors. Talking about good food in truck stops – mmm.

Next time you’re on the road, skip the usual 2 for $3 hot dog stops and opt for one of these truck stops with restaurants so good they’ll have you making excuses to drive in that direction.