May 27, 2019

3 Best Truck Stops in Alabama
3 Best Truck Stops in Alabama

We’re looking at the best truck stops all over the U.S and bringing you the top ones based on state. First up on the list: best truck stops in Alabama.

Knowing where the best truck stops are located, and which amenities they offer is always helpful whether you’re on the road already or planning a trip for work or pleasure.

We found some popular stops in Alabama that are worth mentioning so listen up because you never know when you’ll find yourself driving down I-65 looking for a place to stop and rest.

Best Truck Stops in Alabama: Creek Travel Plaza

This stop found off I-65 is one of the most popular independent truck stops in Alabama and the whole country. You can stay by for a quick rest in the driver’s lounge with comfortable seating and a t.v. or freshen up in the bathroom facilities with private showers.

Make sure not to miss the diner where you can get everything from breakfast, fried chick’n’ eggs, “bodacious burgers” and much more. They even offer some lighter options if you don’t want to fall into a carb-loaded food comma before you hit the road again.

If that wasn’t enough there’s also a convenience store open 24 hours where you can even get gifts, and laundry facilities to keep you fresh and clean.

At this rate, you’ll be making any excuse you can to avoid getting back on the road and stay longer!

Best Truck Stops in Alabama: Love’s Travel Stops

One of the bigger chains when it comes to stops, Love’s Travel Stops can be found all over the country. Seeing the big bright red and yellow “Love’s” can at times be a saving grace when you’ve been on the road for a long time and are looking for a place to stop.

Alabama alone has 16 Love’s throughout the state most offering private showers, services for your truck, Wi-Fi, and convenience stores with warm food open 24 hours.

One of the more popular Love’s stops in Alabama seems to be #566 in Ozark off HWY 231. They offer private showers, a 24-hour Arby’s, and a service that seems to meet just about any traveler’s standards.

Love’s #304 in Steele, AL has a Subway restaurant, a Chester’s, AND a Godfather’s Pizza. Talk about the jackpot.

Best Truck Stops in Alabama: Oasis Travel Center

Detouring off I-10 in Alabama you’ll probably notice this exciting truck stop with its VW bus coming out of the wall to welcome you. Stop by for a rest, a shower, or even a wash for your truck.

Become a kid again in their toy shop and marvel at the pirate ship they have in the middle of the store.

Don’t forget to check out their Derailed Diner which offers delicious eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in an atmosphere you won’t likely forget.

These are only a few of the best truck stops in Alabama but they seem to be some of the ones worth mentioning.

Whether you’re just looking for a hot shower and a place to fill up on sunflower seeds, or whether you’re looking for something more entertaining, the best truck stops in Alabama have plenty to offer.