October 29, 2018

Road Safety Tips: Driving on Halloween
Road Safety Tips: Driving on Halloween

Halloween time. For some, a lively mix of pumpkins, costumes, and candy; for truck drivers, a nightmare. Driving on Halloween brings a significant accident risk, so it is essential to note some safety tips.

These tips are to keep yourself safe and keep others around you safe.

Be Alert when Driving on Halloween

On the day of Halloween and even a couple of days leading up to it, the streets fill up with little ghouls and goblins going to their kindergarten Halloween carnival or walking door to door repeating “trick or treat” until their plastic pumpkins are overflowing with candy.

Drive slow and try not to pass stopped cars that might be moms and dads dropping off their little tykes.

What to Avoid when Driving on Halloween

If you can not avoid driving on Halloween, at least try to avoid any roads that will make you pass by schools, parks, and other public gathering spaces.

There are usually events and Halloween festivities in these areas, which means even more parents, cars, and children in the streets. Avoid small streets and small neighborhoods to bypass at least some anxiety that a kid might jump into the road at any moment.

Don’t Get Distracted While Driving on Halloween

Today is not the day to eat your turkey sandwich and sip your coffee simultaneously while driving. A split second can make all the difference, even on a regular day, but a split second makes an even more significant difference.

We shouldn’t even have to mention putting your cell phone away, but we do anyways.

Be Alert when Driving on Halloween

Not only are there going to be kids in the street, but also people pulling pranks or attempting something else mischievous. Remember last year when people dressed up as clowns and walked in the middle of the street trying to scare people?

These are the other people to be aware of and stay alert to – do not take any chances.

Halloween is a tough time for drivers. Take these tips into consideration so we can keep ourselves and our little tykes safe this season.