November 18, 2021

Long-Haul Truckers: What Does It Even Mean?
Long-Haul Truckers: What Does It Even Mean?
Long-Haul Truckers covering all 48 states.

Different terms relating to truck drivers and the types of trips they complete can often be confusing for some. Phrases such as long-haul trucking often get thrown around, and although veterans may use this term in their daily vocabulary, others may not even know what it means. What long-haul truckers do, how truckers cope with the long-haul, and the differences between long-haul trucking and other options will all come together to explain the long-haul as a whole.

What Long-Haul Truckers Do

A long-haul trip isn’t much more than its name already describes: Haul goods over long distances. These distances can include hundreds, even thousands of miles, and up to 3 trailers. The long-haul trucker covers all 48 states, and the time spent on the road varies, depending on the job. Different kinds of truck driving offer many options for time spent on the road based on driver preferences. Many opportunities are now available for drivers to accommodate just about anyone looking for a trucking career.

How Truckers Cope with the Long-Haul

Truckers completing long-haul trips often work with partners to help ease the stresses of driving for so long. While one partner drives, the other can sleep in their private bed in the truck cabin. There are also many truck stops scattered throughout the U.S. that provide safe parking for truckers needing some rest, as well as food and hygiene options, in case a hot shower sounds good. Many companies adopt drop and hook trucking, making the trailer drop off and pick up procedure smoother, and more manageable. The culture of long-haul trucking is changing and will continue bringing even more opportunities.

Long-Haul Truckers Vs. Short-Haul

Long-haul trucking means a driver is gone for long periods, sleeping while on the road and being away for days, weeks, and months. Short-Haul trucking often involves shorter trips, not usually featuring overnight stays. Short-haul trucking may involve many more trips in a day but means home time at the end of each day. Armada Trucking Group has many options for our long-haul drivers, including trips as short as two days for those needing more home time.