October 21, 2019

The Benefits of Drop and Hook Jobs in Trucking
The Benefits of Drop and Hook Jobs in Trucking

If there’s any type of trucking you’re looking into trying, it should be drop-and-hook jobs. What it means is that: you arrive at your location, unhook and drop off your trailer, and hook and pick up a new trailer. Armada Trucking Group offers drop-and-hook jobs and the benefits of it are impressive.

Drop and hook jobs are contactless

With drop-and-hook jobs, you truly don’t have to touch anything you are delivering. Some may refer to drop-and-hook jobs as no-touch trucking while others think the term is closely related to live unloading.

With live unloading, you are still not touching anything on the trailer, but in these cases, the driver has to wait on site until the trailer is unloaded by warehouse personnel or whoever is authorized to do so.

More drop and hook jobs mean faster deliveries

Drop-and-hook trucking makes the whole delivery process much quicker. Delivering more loads and getting out of locations quicker means more mileage coverage for you which means more dollars on your paycheck.

When it comes to live unload, you have to wait for your trailer to be unloaded which can lead to long wait times between deliveries. This means faster turnaround at locations which means getting you back on the road faster.

With drop and hook jobs, you don’t have to rely on others

Although some companies don’t require you to unload the trailer you are delivering, you usually still have to wait on site until the unloading of the trailer is completed by the warehouse team or whoever is authorized to unload.

This means that you are on somebody else’s time and time is money. The time you leave the location and head to the next one relies on the people who are unloading your trailer and how quickly they are doing it.

This can lead to unwanted delivery delays. Don’t put your time in someone else’s hands. Drop and hook jobs are the way to go.