September 29, 2019

What’s Happening in Trucking Industry?
What’s Happening in Trucking Industry?

It’s no surprise that the trucking industry is going through some changes as it has been since the beginning of time. As the economy changes, as supply and demand change, as the weather changes, so does the trucking industry.

Trucking Industry Accepting Changes

Being such a huge industry, it’s forced to adapt to everything happening around it. Over the last couple of years, certain aspects have played a bigger role in contributing to these changes than others.

As the crisis is hitting the pockets of regular people, they are more reluctant to spend money. This puts a damper on supply and demand because the demand for goods is decreasing due to economic difficulties.

Although this demand has seen a drop in recent years it doesn’t mean that it has stopped completely. Consumer spending will increase in the coming months especially during the holiday season so here’s hoping that spending continues into the new year.

After all, The American Trucking Associations reported that trucks move more than 70% of the nation’s freight. That means just about whatever Americans are buying is being moved by trucks.

Weather Impact on Trucking Industry

Mother nature has also been giving us a run for our money in the last couple of years. Even though bad weather trends can somewhat be predicted in this day and age, there are still surprises around every corner.

Just this past winter a polar vortex hit which, according to the Chicago Tribune, brought the lowest temperatures to the Midwest since the 1870s.

Other natural disasters such as Hurricane Michael which devastated part of the east coast last year had a great effect on freight movement.

So even though mother nature is testing us, the show must go on. The packages must be delivered, the people must have their stuff.

Safety in Trucking Industry

With increasing natural threats, companies are emphasizing driver safety when it comes to moving freight during dangerous conditions. At Armada Trucking Group, driver safety is most important to us especially when it comes to working in compromising conditions.

We’ve seen that the trucking industry has been taking hits from various avenues these last couple of years, but as the world changes, everything around it must change and adapt as well.

The trucking industry is adapting to everything unexpected for the better and it will continue to get better over the years.