January 29, 2020

What’s New in Trucking Industry for 2020
What’s New in Trucking Industry for 2020

As we are all easing into the new year, it’s no surprise that major changes are starting to take place and the trucking industry is facing changes worth looking into.

Although changes are going to continue rolling out throughout the year, there are some that we can look at now to prepare in any way possible.

Trade and Trucking Industry

The fight for proper trade agreements has been a tough one. With tariffs being put in place, the flow of goods has suffered. According to Fox Business, this year trade agreements are being made and entering the next phases of discussion.

As a result, the industry is excited to potentially see an increase in overseas trade. For companies, this would mean more goods to move and more jobs for drivers.

Freight demand and Trucking Industry

Unfortunately, 2019 led to the closing of at least 795 trucking companies both small and large according to Fox Business. Prospects were high but expectations weren’t met which led to too many drivers and too few jobs.

Freight demand is expected to increase for this coming year due to trade agreements. E-commerce is also expected to increase in the coming year as more and more people are opting to shop online which will hopefully fill seats with needed drivers and make more jobs available in general.

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Check back in for more information regarding the trucking industry, safety and health concerns and news on what is in store for this year.