January 25, 2022

The Future of the Semi-Truck
The Future of the Semi-Truck
The future of the semi-truck is a bright one.

What Does 2022 Bring for the Future of the Semi-Truck?

The new year is well on its way, and innovations for the trucking world are rolling out in the form of new and better semi-trucks. The future of the semi-truck is bright, and with it brings improvements on the classics, as well as all-new beauties ready to hit the road.

The Future Shows Improvements on the Classic Semi-Truck

The image of the classic semi-truck may be different for everyone, but they have always been large and in charge, ready to take on any haul. Kids recognized them on the roads, hoping to hear the honk of the truckers’ horns, and adults were excited when they rolled into town delivering all their favorite goods. The changing times and the passing years have brought many changes to the evolution of the semi-truck to make them more comfortable, safe, and fuel-efficient. Many new trucks coming out this year favor diesel-powered engines but feature enhanced aerodynamics to increase fuel efficiency. Semi-trucks also cater to the driver, with newer trucks having larger, more comfortable cabins and easier to use dash systems.

Electric Semi-Trucks to Pave the Road to the Future

The time of electric cars came to a while ago, and now the time for electric semi-trucks is edging nearer as well. Trucks like Freightliners stunning and sleek eCascadia are continuing to be tested throughout the nation to answer questions like, will all vehicles eventually become electric? Although electric semi-trucks are becoming a reality, the power caps still seem to remain with diesel-powered trucks. Other factors such as access to charging stations, length of charge, etc., pose potential problems for electric trucks. An example of a solution to these problems is the introduction of eHighways, but only time will tell if changes are better.

Other Forms of Semi-Truck Power Making a Play for the Future

If going electric for semi-trucks wasn’t confusing enough, throw in the piece about how there can be more than one form and roll out the head-scratching. For the most part, electric vehicles work like just about any electric device, such as a cellphone. The device contains a battery charged through an electric current when plugged in. Electric vehicles, including semi-trucks, also include a battery that often charges as it loses power over time. Some semi-trucks are looking to hydrogen power to combat inevitable setbacks battery electric vehicles face.

The future of the semi-truck is filled with innovation, continuing to grow, favoring not only the driver but also the environment.