December 29, 2023

The 2023 End of Year Trucking Recap
The 2023 End of Year Trucking Recap
Let's get trucking for 2024 by recapping what the last year had to offer.

The 2023 year is ending, and it’s been a doozy for trucking. As part of typical end-of-year traditions, we look back at what 2023 had in store for the trucking industry and its drivers. We talked about weather, trucker issues, holidays on the road, and more this year. Let’s review some of what has happened as we prepare for a new year filled with new trucking adventures.


Trucking Issues Addressed in 2023


To enhance the trucking industry and make changes drivers will be happy with, the government has started addressing issues the industry has been facing. The nuisance of finding truck parking has become a major setback for truckers and companies, with drivers having to pay fees due to a lack of parking when powering down.

This year, we learned how bottlenecks affect truckers and other problems drivers face daily. Changes are slowly happening to address these issues, which is an excellent step for bettering the trucking environment for drivers.


Trucking Through the Holidays 2023


Holidays can be celebrated even on the road.


The holidays are notable for many people, truckers included. The blues may arise for truck drivers who must work during these special times. Over the past year, we included ways drivers can maintain traditions to avoid a blue, blue Christmas.

For all the dads working on the road, we discussed what would make the best Father’s Day gifts for truck drivers to show that you appreciate them. Celebrating special holidays and events on the road is possible with effort and creativity, and the resulting happy feelings make it worth the trouble.


Trucking Regulations of 2023


Protecting wildlife on roads was an important topic this year.


Positive changes for trucking made their way into rules and regulations for 2023. Animal crossings have become an issue for truckers, especially at night and high speeds when stopping abruptly isn’t an option. In the last year, protecting wildlife has become a priority as the Wildlife Crossing Pilot Program aims to build more bridges and overpasses to aid animal crossing and help keep them off the highways.

Other bills rolling out to benefit drivers include the SHIP IT Act, offering truckers tax breaks, safer parking, and even pushing for overtime pay.


Fun Times for Truckers in 2023


The 2023 year made plenty of great things happen for trucking that brought joy to drivers. Celebrating truckers started with Truck Driver Appreciation Month, featuring supporters showing their love nationwide with festivals, food, and coupons for drivers. Spending so much time on the road can lead to thinking out of the box regarding gadgets. We discussed on-the-road items and gadgets that can help drivers make traveling more comfortable. Some were for weather protection, while others were health conscious.

These were just some of the exciting events that happened as we reminisced about the doings of 2023. This year is a wrap, and we’re excited to see what 2024 has in store for trucking.


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