July 23, 2023

The 5 Best Songs About Truckers and Trucking
The 5 Best Songs About Truckers and Trucking

Finding the right songs when trucking can be challenging, but finding ones about trucking is even more complicated. A list of songs about the job you do daily can be inspirational, and we’ve discovered some about truckers and trucking, gathering our favorites for your listening pleasure.

The next time you’re making your driving playlist, look to these songs about trucking that sound great and have lyrics truckers can relate to.

Best Songs About Truckers and Trucking

1. Six Days on the Road – Sawyer Brown

Our number one pick for songs about trucking is Six Days on the Road by Sawyer Brown. This catchy song is about a trucker going home after six days of working on the road.

It references trucker lingo and mentions complications truckers face on the road. “Six Days on the Road” will get your head bobbing and your foot tapping, making it a great addition to a list of songs about truckers and trucking.

2. Teddy Bear – Red Sovine

Taking second place for best trucking songs is Teddy Bear, and it’s the sweetest song about truckers there is. The song is more of a storytelling than singing, consisting of a narration of a story full of rhyme and emotion with music in the background. It talks about a child whose father was a trucker and passed away.

The father wanted to leave his 18-wheeler to his boy, but the boy couldn’t drive the truck due to an injury that crippled him. The boy kept his dad‘s old CB radio and used it to communicate with other truckers.

He told his story over the CB radio about how his dad used to take him on a ride in his truck, and before he knew it, numerous truckers lined up in his neighborhood to take him for a ride in their trucks. Red Sovine’s storytelling voice draws you in for every word and can be inspiring to listen to when on the road.

3. C.W. McCall – Convoy 

A convoy is several vehicles traveling together, and in the song Convoy by C.W. McCall, a fictional trucker rebellion is making its way across the country. The song contains parts of CB radio conversations amongst fellow truckers using nicknames and trucking lingo over the radio.

It lyrically describes where the convoy is headed and what they do along the way. The song was recently used in the Freedom Convoy in Canada during protests, referencing the fictional trucker rebellion that McCall sings about. The CB radio conversations add a unique character to the country song.

4. Brothers on the Road – Tony Justice

If there ever were a song praising truckers and trucking, “Brothers of the Road” would be it. Tony Justice sings about driving to beat the rain, witnessing west coast sights from Portland to Oregon and throughout the US, and much more. The song isn’t lying when it says the “country turns on 18-wheelers”.

5. East Bound & Down – Jerry Reed

You may have heard this one in Smokey and the Bandit, but “East Bound & Down” by Jerry Reed can be heard in trucking cabins far and wide.

Accompanied by the calendars that hung in trucking cabins, the banjo-filled song ignites the fire of anyone behind a big rig. A song about trucking that accompanies a movie about trucking makes our list of best trucking songs.

Honorable Mention Songs About Truckers and Trucking

Truckin’ – Grateful Dead

This song isn’t about trucking or truckers, but it does talk about the bands’ tour across the United States, relying heavily on the theme “keep on truckin’.”

In this case, the term trucking means to keep going and is more of a metaphor and not actually about truck driving. Keep trucking is repeated in the lyrics, making it relatable to truckers listening while on the job.


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