February 12, 2023

Addressing Trucking Concerns
Addressing Trucking Concerns
Trucking concerns need to be addressed for drivers.

If everyone has not noticed, trucking is vital for our economy and well-being and will continue to be essential for many years. Truck drivers are the most crucial part of the trucking industry, and they have been facing difficulties for the past couple of years which doesn’t help promote trucking as a career. Many concerns exist in trucking, but freedom, pay, and regulations are the main ones on truckers’ minds and deserve addressing.

Lost Freedom in Trucking

A truck driver survey revealed that the main reason truckers become drivers is for the freedom of the open road. Driving the open road, traversing from coast to coast seeing all the nation has to offer makes trucking great. Drivers don’t have to worry about managers at their necks or supervisors micromanaging their every move. They don’t need an office to report to; their job is not a 9 to 5. These freedoms draw many truckers to the career, but trucking is a changing culture. For veterans in the profession who have been driving for 20 years plus, changes are only sometimes received in the best way.

Addressing Pay Concerns in Trucking

Another main concern for truck drivers is pay. Pay is usually on everybody’s mind when a job is concerned because that’s why we work. For someone with a position on the road, having consistent and steady pay can be challenging when payment is often based on mileage and loads. Getting sufficiently compensated for their work is essential for anyone in the workforce, especially truckers. Life on the road isn’t easy, and feeling appreciated and valued should reflect in the pay, making the work environment much better. Companies are rethinking pay structures to ensure truckers get what they deserve. An increase in salary, bonuses, and benefits is the focus, with company drivers getting an hourly wage, making for a more stable income. New improvements in trucking may also give truckers a break regarding taxes. If it becomes legislation, the SHIP IT Act¬†will benefit truckers in more than one way. Addressing pay is at the top of everybody’s list to draw in more drivers because we need them.

Concerns Over Trucking Regulations

If freedom is what truckers want, then new regulations will stand in their way. Regulations have been changing over recent years with the addition of more electronics and an attempt to bring more control for truckers. The introduction of electronic logs was already an issue for veteran drivers who have been using paper logs for most of their careers on the road. Regulations like AB5 are raising concerns for owner-operators turning many drivers away. A significant issue, if enacted, would be the addition of speed limiters on commercial trucks. Truck drivers are concerned that these regulations will make it more difficult for them to do their jobs and virtually eliminate the freedom that draws them to the job in the first place. These regulations give veteran drivers reasons to retire and discourage new drivers from getting on board. Changes must be made based on what drivers want to make their jobs more straightforward and efficient.