February 21, 2023

3 Best Truck Stops: Arkansas
3 Best Truck Stops: Arkansas
Best truck stops in Arkansas with amenities truckers need.

From mom-and-pop to a large chain, truck stops can be found in every state nationwide. A truck stop can be a vital asset for truckers, and finding one worth the visit is always essential. We’re going to Arkansas next, The Natural State and birthplace of Johnny Cash. Arkansas has splendor all around, and truck stops to go along with it, and this time were looking at three of the best the state has to offer.


1. Workman’s Travel Center


Workman’s Travel Center takes the number one spot for the best truck stop in Arkansas. Although smaller than some chains like Pilot Truck Stop, Workman’s has three locations throughout the natural state, the location off Highway 23 in Ozark being the most famous. The Hillbilly Hideout restaurant draws drivers in and sets this spot apart from others like it. Open 24 hours, and with choices ranging from breakfast platters, burgers, and even catfish, some of the best truck stop food can be found at the Hillbilly Hideout; don’t miss out on the daily specials. Aside from having great food, Workman’s Travel Center also offers amenities and services that greatly benefit truckers, like clean showers, 24-hour security, a game room, laundry, Free Wi-Fi, and parking for up to 80 trucks.


2. Southfork Truck Stop


The Southfork Truck Stop in Gurdon, Arkansas, is a stop that has maintained its small-town charm. Unlike some of Arizona’s more tourist-drawing truck tops, Southfork is the mom-and-pop shop you look for when steering away from the crowd. The highlight of this truck stop is the restaurant. The Southfork restaurant has comfort food so good you’ll get lost in pleasant memories and soothing nostalgia after the first bite. Take advantage of the 63 Special, named after the exit for the truck stop, featuring a nod to the delicacy of the Heartland: bologna. When you think of bologna, what usually comes to mind is what you find in the grocery store, whether it’s Oscar Mayer or the brand with the red thing around it you remove. To those from the Midwest, bologna is a “way of life” bought fresh and thickly sliced from the butcher, with flavors beyond what the grocery store holds. The Southfork restaurant features bologna perfectly “burnt” in their 63 Special with pinto beans, home fries, cornbread, and thickly sliced onion. Plenty of other food items grace their menu pages, including a section of truckers’ favorites. Food is essential for a truck stop, but so are all the other basic amenities, like parking, which Southfork provides.


3. Bald Knob Travel Center


If you drive down highway 167, stop by the Bald Knob Travel Center in Bald Knob, Arkansas. The truck stop isn’t as recognizable as Love’s Travel Center or other bigger chains, but it can be a lifesaver when the more popular spots fill up. One big trucking concern Bald Knob Travel Center addresses is parking, with a vast lot offering plenty of parking for truckers. Although not the most luxurious truck stop, the Bald Knob Travel Center will be a breath of fresh air when looking for a place to park, eat and sleep. Food offerings include Chester’s Chicken, pizza, and snacks at the convenience store. Other food options like Sonic, Taco Bell, and the tasty Farmhouse Cafe are just down the street if you want something different. Additional amenities at the Bald Knob travel center include showers, laundry, CAT scales, and more. The travel center is part of Littlefield Express, which has a downloadable app and offers points for money spent on gas that can be used like cash. Rewards member savings are also available at participating locations on items such as cigarettes, coffees, and more.