June 12, 2023

Father’s Day Gifts For Truck Drivers
Father’s Day Gifts For Truck Drivers
Gift a truck driver dad sentimental gifts to take on the road.

Father’s Day is nearing, and finding a present for truck-driving fathers or grandfathers isn’t getting any easier. Most fathers want to spend the day with their children and loved ones without many responsibilities. Fathers who work on the road want the same thing, but it’s not always as easily achieved.

Although Dad might not be able to make it home to be honored on Father’s Day, there are plenty of ways other than the usual ties or man cave decorations that can make Dad feel close to home even while away. Gifts that remind Dad of fond memories with the kids are a hit and can be a sentimental treat on the road.


Picture Albums for Father’s Day





Putting together a picture album or scrapbook is a great gift for a truck driver dad. A compilation of pictures and memories is a great pick me up for a working dad and can allow him to revisit those memories captured in photos. Albums would make great holiday gifts for truckers, but Father’s Day works just as well.

A scrapbook usually has pictures and other mementos like tickets, receipts, or anything else that acts as a reminder of that specific memory. If scrapbooking isn’t your thing, a simple description or a funny quote particular to that memory written on each picture enhances a simple photo album and adds another level of personalization.


Get Your Truck Driver Dad a Stuffed Animal





A stuffed animal can be a profoundly personal and nurturing gift for a father, especially one who works away from home. Getting a stuffed animal for an adult might seem unusual, but with so much personalization available, it can be the perfect gift for trucker dads.

Places like Build-a-Bear offer a variety of stuffed toys ranging from the classic teddy bear to dinosaurs and numerous other creatures and animals. The charm is in the customization, where you can choose from basic outfits to movies and unique character costumes, but the best part is the sounds you can add to them. If you have younger children, pick their favorite animal and gift it to Dad with their voices recorded onto it, saying things that will make him smile whenever he presses it.

Older children can also build a bear for dad based on his favorite movie character or a movie you both have fond memories of, complete with sayings in the character’s voice. Choose from Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, and more characters.



Surprise Your Father With a Visit





If Dad works on the road, find a way to plan a surprise visit. This one might be harder to pull off than an album or stuffed animal, but it will take the cake for the best Father’s Day gift for a truck driver. Working on the road means moving constantly and spending little time in one location, making a surprise visit even more difficult.

Sometimes a trucker will frequent the same routes, driving through the same cities and towns during each trip, making it possible to predict where they will be at specific points. If you can pinpoint a town they will end up in, get there before them and surprise them with a visit at a truck stop or restaurant nearby.

Even a couple of hours or a simple dinner with Dad will make a Father’s Day he will never forget. When he must hit the road again, he’ll be filled with new memories and a whole heart from seeing their children in person.


Give Your Truck Driver the Gift of Music





Music in any form is always a great gift, especially for dads on the road. The days of gifting music go back to the times of the mixtape, full of songs made for lovers, friends, or family members. After the tapes came burned CDs and flash drives, and now we share carefully curated playlists.

In whichever form you choose to compile the music, pick songs that Dad loves, ones that remind him of you or vice versa, and anything that will put a smile on his face and calm anxiety, which music is excellent at. For a bonus, write a letter describing the sentimental meaning behind some of the songs so Dad can be reminded when he hears them.



Gift a Father’s Day Video Message





A video message is one of the simplest but very effective presents for a truck driver. It can be a simple video of kids and family expressing their love and sharing kind words to bring dad some joy and minimize feelings of homesickness that can sometimes come up when working on the road.

Take it a step further and add a compilation of recordings of the kids, especially if there were events or things Dad may have missed while on the road. Compile the recordings and greetings into one file, add bells and whistles like music and transitions using sites like Canva, and send it to Dad’s cellphone. A sentimental video message will enlighten someone’s day no matter where they are.



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