June 27, 2023

Trucking Into Summer
Trucking Into Summer
A fun filled Summer might cause delays for trucking.

Summer is officially here again, and we are curious to see what the season will bring this year as we move further from COVID restrictions and return to our new state of ordinary.

Each summer season is proving to be more fun-filled than the last, and this year is no exception. People are hitting vacation destinations harder than ever, but what effect will the next couple of months have on trucking and those who work on the road?

Trucking Into The Great Outdoors


Yosemite National Park


July┬áis outdoors month, meaning loads of people will visit popular camping and nature destinations this month and all Summer. Yosemite National Park is usually already a hot zone for summer camping and outdoor fun, but the next couple of months might be the busiest yet. Reports say Yosemite Falls and other waterfalls are roaring with water after a wet winter and spring. Everyone is eager to see the park’s beauty in its prime this Summer.

Traffic around park entrances may be heavy, and crowds will cause congestion on nearby roads. To get to Yosemite, many drivers take the I-5 N, followed by the CA-99 N from Los Angeles, which may create bottlenecks in these areas. The bulk of traffic happens on Thursday evenings and Friday mornings, so expect delays this Summer if your route crosses these areas.

Summer Road Trips


Driving to Joshua Tree


Vacations this Summer are getting more creative, and road trips are joining the list. Gas prices this year are leading road trippers to choose closer destinations for day trips rather than spending multiple days on the road. Day trips are a good option for truckers who may not have enough days for an entire vacation to places like Joshua Tree or Ojai, California.

Big Bear is also an excellent location for a quick vacation or a day trip all year round, with exhilarating water activities like boating and jet skiing available on the lake in the Summer. For day trips to beach locations, check out Malibu or Laguna Beach. Big Sur, California, is also a great road trip destination worth seeing, even for a moment.

The drive to Big Sur is part of the experience, and many travelers take the scenic Pacific Coast Highway to get there, which should be avoided this Summer unless you’re partaking in the vacation experience. The I-5 to the US 101 will get you there faster, which may be a route people are taking, making I-5 a hot spot for vacation travel this year.

Trucking During Summer Holidays and Celebrations


Fourth of July barbecue.


Holidays taking place this Summer can make traffic and convenience more difficult for truckers. American Independence Day on July 4th is one of the biggest holidays being celebrated this Summer, with family gatherings, barbecues, and red, white, and blue decorations being a tradition. Holidays can sometimes be a nuisance if you have to work on the road because some places may be closed for the 4th of July, making it difficult to get what you need and maintain holiday traditions on the road.

Check your usual stops on those days to ensure they are open, and plan other options just in case. July 4th falls on a Tuesday this year, and many workers will either get Monday off or use vacation days to bridge the gap and have a four-day weekend. Travelers leaving and returning after the holiday will create congestion, but the weekend in between may bring calmness.

Summer Festivals and Fairs


Summer Fair


Summer music festivals are also popular this Summer in Irvine, Los Angeles, and Pasadena bringing traffic to venue locations. State and county fairs are also returning this Summer, which will cause traffic congestion in these areas, but are an excellent activity for anyone looking for quality family time.

The Orange County Fair takes place from July 14th to August 13th this year, with performances, carnival rides, outrageous amounts of food, and tons of fun for the family. If you’re home from work for a couple of days, going to a fair with the family is a great way to build new memories before hitting the road again. The California State Fair is also taking place in Sacramento, CA, from July 14th to 30th, 2023, for those in that area.

Back to School Trucking Traffic


Back to school traffic.


Just before Summer ends this year, the last round of congestion will occur right before and during back-to-school time. The final weeks of August and the first weeks of September are back-to-school times, meaning hordes of vacationers will be returning home from numerous locations, making it difficult for truckers on their usual routes. Once school starts again, the typical daily rush hour traffic will commence, adding to congestion which will ease off as many people head out on vacation.

This Summer, be prepared for vacationers heading to popular camping and road trip destinations, those celebrating holidays and festivals, and then the kids returning to school, all of which may cause closures, traffic, congestion, and delays for trucking.


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