June 19, 2018

Working the Weather: Driving in the Heat
Working the Weather: Driving in the Heat

Being worried about cars during rising temperatures isn’t as usual as worrying about it in the winter – but it should be! There are necessary precautions to take when driving in the heat to protect yourself and your vehicle.

The temperatures are rising, the pavements are sizzling, and the smell of barbeque fills the air. Summer is here. Along with the joys of vacations, however, comes the heat.

When driving in the heat, these are the things to have in mind.

Driving in the Heat: Stay Hydrated

Let’s start with the essential part; the driver. Before we get to talking about how to take care of your car during the heat, it’s crucial to know that you must take care of yourself.

Staying hydrated while driving is always a necessity, but it’s even more critical during warmer months.

Bring water bottles with you in your truck or car to stay hydrated or pack hydrating fruits to snack on, such as watermelon or strawberries. Dehydration can come out of nowhere and causes dizziness, disorientation, and everything else you shouldn’t have while driving.

Driving in the Heat: Check Before You Go

Checking your car before driving in the heat can help avoid unnecessary slowdowns and irreversible damage to your vehicle. These are some things to keep an eye on:

The heat drains the battery, so make sure you are not heading out on a long trip with an old half-empty battery, or you probably won’t be making it far.

Check pretty all fluids in the vehicle before taking off. Most essential to maintain and check periodically is, of course, the engine coolant. Do not forget that the heat evaporates liquids, so check your motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc.

Check all this before and during the summer months to avoid more hassle down the road.

Driving in the Heat: Take Care of Tires

Another vital check to keep in mind is for your tires. Make sure you don’t have any worn-down tires, even though there are no rains in sight. Along with coolant, tires might be the most important thing to check before driving in the heat.

Riding out on a scorching day with worn-down tires can cause a blowout. That pretty much means that tires might explode, which can cause losing control of the vehicle. It’s terrifying, so make sure to check the tires before ever having to experience such a situation.

Do not forget that knowing what precautions to take when driving in the heat can prevent accidents and damage to your vehicle. Taking care of the driver first by staying hydrated, checking necessary mechanics and fluids, and ensuring tires are in order are essential steps to take when hitting the road during high summer.