December 13, 2021

10 Best Holiday Gifts for Truckers
10 Best Holiday Gifts for Truckers
10 Holiday Gifts Truckers Will Love

A Guide for Holiday Gifts Truckers Will Appreciate

The holidays are rolling through like a semi on a mission this year, with everyone more eager than ever to celebrate, especially after the setbacks 2020 presented. By this time, most of us are checking our lists twice and trying to find that perfect gift for even the most challenging customers, some of which include the long-haul trucker. Given the time they spend away from home, the usual presents just don’t hit the mark for truck drivers. Here’s a list of 10 gifts the trucker in your life will like.

Give a Trucker the Holiday Gift of Staying Healthy

1. Bodega Portable Fridge/Freezer

The Bodega portable refrigerator/freezer features dual, app-controlled zones to cool or freeze. This one has a 38L capacity, and smaller or larger versions are available. A portable refrigerator allows a trucker to bring their food like healthy snacks on the road, and avoid searching for options, usually mediocre and unhealthy.

2. Igloo BMX Cooler

If you want to gift a trucker something to keep their food cool without needing access to power, an igloo cooler may be a better option. With ice retention of 4-5 days, a trucker can still enjoy the comforts of homemade meals without the need for power outlets.

3. Food Warmer

An electric lunch box or a portable food warmer that plugs into the cigarette lighter is an excellent gift for truckers. This electric lunch box is compatible with 24V cigarette lighters, but 12V versions are also available, as well as warmers that double as slow cookers for raw meals. The compatibility of the cigarette lighter voltage is essential because getting the wrong voltage may damage the product or lighter itself. With a portable food warmer, truckers don’t have to search for available truck stops or gas stations to heat their food and enjoy a hot meal.

4. Takeya Stainless Steel Bottle

What is more critical to truckers or everyone these days than coffee? For those who prefer not to fill their trucks with empty, one-use coffee cups, stainless-steel tumblers are a reusable alternative. This Takeya stainless steel bottle supports hot and cold drinks if iced coffee is more your scene. Check all boxes for what a trucker needs in a drink container with this reusable bottle: large capacity at 40oz, spillproof, heavy-duty, hot or cold option, and the list goes on.

Give a Trucker the Gift of Comfort This Holiday Season

5. Trucker Holiday Sweater

Show the truck driver in your life how much you appreciate what they do with a trucker-themed sweater. With plenty of options, truckers can enjoy the holiday spirit while on the road, no matter how far from home they might be.

6. Ergonomic Seat Cushion

Truck drivers spend many hours on the road, sitting behind the wheel, all of which may not provide the best comfort for tailbones or backs. An ergonomic cushion as a gift for a truck driver will have them singing your praises as you provide them with a more comfortable driving experience.

7. Electric Blanket

If making a trucker more comfortable while on the road is your goal, look to an electric blanket to keep them warm during cold nights. This electric blanket plugs into a cigarette lighter and provides enhanced warmth that a regular blanket cannot achieve. There are also some perfect winter meal and winter drink options available that make a great companion to an electric blanket for staying warm and cozy while on the road.

Give a Trucker a Practical Holiday Gift

8. Rechargeable Headlamp

A headlamp may seem like a random gift for a truck driver but can often be the most overlooked and beneficial. A trucker spends a great deal of their time on the road, day, or night and having a powerful headlamp available to light their way whenever they need to leave their truck at night proves extremely important. A flashlight can be sufficient, but a headlamp provides handsfree light if hands are needed elsewhere. Rechargeable options using a USB eliminate the need for batteries.

9. Bluetooth Headset

The days of hands-free, and ear obstruction free phone conversations while driving are upon us with Bluetooth technology and apps that answer the phone for you. All these are great but truckers often find themselves driving with partners and may need a more private option for talking on the phone. While headsets/headphones that cover both ears are not legal while driving according to California Vehicle Code 27400, this BlueParrot Bluetooth headset will immerse one ear in the world of the conversation, while leaving the other one unonbstructed and available for safety.

10. “Truck Stop” By Marc F. Wise, and Bryan Di Salvatore

This book celebrates the lives of truckers and shines a beautiful light on the changing culture of long-haul trucking. A great book for reviving feelings of nostalgia in long term truckers, Truck Stop features beautiful photographs and praised writings making it a great gift any truck driver would enjoy.