April 20, 2017

Great Audiobooks: The Alternative to Music on the Road
Great Audiobooks: The Alternative to Music on the Road

Having good music on the road is necessary for truck drivers. It helps stay awake, lift the mood, relax and enjoy the job at hand. Still, when the time comes to rest from the tunes for a little while, an audiobook can help fill the silence.

Audiobooks are a slick alternative to music on the road. You can choose your favorites and listen to them while you’re driving, just like playlists. You also can bring great audiobooks on the road and discover new ones you never thought you would like!

Out of many, maybe the best audiobook services the three probably best are Audible, Overdrive, and Scribd.

Great Audiobooks at Audible

First thing is first. Audible seems to be among the most popular provider of great audiobooks. An Amazon company features over 180,000 titles you can buy or rent for $15 a month, and you can try it for 30 days free!

Popular Audiobook Services: Overdrive

Another popular service was Overdrive. This service is different because it works with libraries! Overdrive lets you borrow titles and is free of charge besides needing a library card.

The only downfall is that the books are limited to availability, just like when someone checks out the last copy of the book you wanted.

Alternative Audiobook Services: Scribd

The third service was Scribd. This service is excellent if you like to have your occasional hard copybook. Scribd is $9 a month, which gets you three books and one audio a month.

They do offer other free reading material such as newspapers and documents. Try it out for a month for free.

Audiobooks are a significant change from music on the road, and there are services to cater to the JK Rowling, Stephen King, and Mitch Albom fans. Check out one of the services above and see which one suits you best!