April 12, 2017

Does Music Influence Your Driving?
Does Music Influence Your Driving?

Just by googling does music influence your driving you’re greeted with multiple articles and research studies that point to multiple different directions. Lets face it, music is essential for many people especially those driving for long times and long distances i.e. truck drivers.

But does music help us or hurt us on the road?

The arguments were pretty inconclusive but it seems like the basis of most of the studies was that they found certain genres and certain songs promote faster and more dangerous driving while others promote a more relaxed setting. There might be some sense to that because naturally our bodies, our heart rate, etc. respond to the speed of the music. At the same time playing smooth jazz or something of that nature might just render you too relaxed and we all know what happens after that…ZZZzzzzzz. Definitely DON’T want that on the road.

Some advice to new on the roaders would be to feel out s couple different songs and see which ones are best for you. If they get you a little too hyped up maybe save that play list for the truck stop. Drivingfearhelp.com published an article about a study conducted in England for confused.com. It features a list of what they found to be the most dangerous songs to listen to as well as the best songs to listen to while on the road. It’s a pretty old article so some of the songs are a bit outdated but it’s worth a look. They have a song from S Club 7 on the positive list. We’re going to have to make an exception for throwback Tuesday for that one.