September 8, 2023

How To Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
How To Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

September is chugging along fast, and we’re celebrating truckers this month, especially during this year’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, September 10-16, 2023. This week is about honoring our road heroes who keep the country moving. Everyone can do things to honor truckers this week, and there are places truckers can go to feel especially special.


Where Did National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Come From?


The American Trucking Associations started the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 25 years ago. Each year during September, with particular emphasis on the second week, truck drivers are honored for their service to the nation, making them feel thanked and appreciated. The “Miles of Gratitude” slogan and the NTDAW logo will lead the party as the country prepares to thank its truckers. Celebrations, deals, and praise for professional truckers will be the norm during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.


Why Are Truck Drivers Important?




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Truckers keep the country moving, and their importance can sometimes be underestimated and overlooked. Drivers who jump behind the wheel and call trucking their career take on one of the most demanding but essential jobs that keeps the economy moving. During the COVID shutdown, the trucking industry was necessary to keep our grocery store shelves stocked. A job on the road sometimes means driving across the country, with every delivery essential to someone. If truckers can’t perform their jobs, it can harm businesses and consumers.



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How Can Drivers Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week?


To feel the love this year, drivers can take to social media and look for hashtags honoring them. Many towns are preparing signs to hold up at popular truck passing areas with kind messages like “thank you truckers” awaiting passing drivers’ glances. Truck stops, and travel centers will be celebrating truckers by offering specials, deals, and celebrations in honor of drivers. Check out some Pilot Truck Stop locations, with specials lasting the whole month of September. Professional drivers can receive three free drinks per week, discounts up to 50% off particular fresh prepared food, and more. Pilot is also hosting a celebration with games, food, and music at its North Little Rock, AK, location, where truckers can go and have a good time with the whole community.



How Can Others Celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week?



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Honoring a trucker isn’t hard; there are many ways to show drivers love this week. Social media is a great place to show appreciation for truck drivers by sharing pictures and posts with the hashtags #NTDAW23 and #ThankATrucker. The #ThankATrucker hashtag is also a great way to categorize and showcase any special offers and deals for truckers where they can find them. If you have a trucker in the family who happens to be home during appreciation week, throw them a party and invite friends and family to celebrate their fantastic and vital work. Getting the perfect gift for a truck driver for any occasion is difficult, but if they must hit the road this month, gift them something special they can take with them. If you come across a trucker during Truck Driver Appreciation Week, taking place September 20-16, 2023, give them a thanks and extend an appreciation wherever you go.



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