February 21, 2021

Awesome Hobby Ideas For Truckers
Awesome Hobby Ideas For Truckers

A Chicago truck driver, whose story we have heard just recently, learned as many as two languages – Italian and Spanish – while driving.

Moreover, he is learning German now. His colleague from Los Angeles says he listens to Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations while in his truck, adding that these help him create positive attitude towards him, his family and surrounding world.

There are, in fact, other more things for you to do when on the road.

Our tips for you to stay happy on a long drive:

1. Listen to podcasts on the road and enjoy good conversations that will keep you more mindful and make you feel less lonely and isolated.

2. Document your journey by using your phone or a camera and make it public on your social media. If you are very good at posting your content, you can even make money from your social media.

3. Do some outdoor activities and perform some simple exercises during breaks or downtime while on the road. It will surely help you improve your health. Some exercises can be performed even without having to take a break.

4. Listen to audiobooks – it will make you more well-read although you are just listening while driving.

5. Learn a new language since there are a variety of lessons that can be listened to in the cab of your truck. It will open your world to new possibilities.