February 18, 2021

How to Deal With Anxiety In the Truck’s Cab
How to Deal With Anxiety In the Truck’s Cab

Imagine that your palms sweat so much that your hands keep slipping off the steering wheel. The uncomfortable feeling is gradually rising to the extent that your breathing is compromised and you instantly believe this is exactly that feeling that is about to control both your body and mind.

It’s OK, it’s just anxiety and only anxiety, no matter how powerful or severe it is.  As much as feelings of anxiety are unpleasant, it is still possible for us to have control over them.

The following are our suggestions that always work:

1. The very fact that it had begun is a telling indication of its eventual ending.

What is important for you to know is that those strange and unwanted feelings won’t make you lose your mind nor your control. No matter how hard it is for you to endure those feelings, you must know that this condition will eventually cease to exist, thus being reduced to mere nothing.

2. Take a shallow breath! Your breathing should be shallow, without engaging the diaphragm.

Due to anxiety, tension will run through the body and impact lungs and throat, instantly causing a dry mouth which, in turn, makes a person breathe more and more rapid and deep through their mouth. You are kindly advised not to do that!  You should do the exact opposite – try to breathe as calm as possible and make sure your breath is shallow, not deep. This strange feeling may well take up to couple of minutes. It is only when you sense that anxiety is (being) reduced that you can start inhaling deep and exhaling more slowly and gently.

3. Take a walk.

If possible, you should park your truck on a rest stop nearby and step out of the truck. Just take a short walk around the truck since moderate walking reduces stress and significantly increases serotonin production in the body. Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilizes our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness.

4. Taking action makes fear disappear.

If you have already stepped out of the truck, then you could try to fix something on the truck since the action is proven to be effective in these challenging circumstances. Despite the fact that you feel confused, disoriented and somehow lost, you should make yourself do anything slightly physical, all the more if you believe it is infeasible or impossible. Remember: “Taking action makes fear disappear!”

Anxiety states may well be provoked by:

• Alcohol and hangover

• Drinking coffee and energy drinks

• Sleep deprivation

• Tiredness