May 1, 2021

4 Reasons Not to Worry
4 Reasons Not to Worry

  • You are only here temporary and no matter how important you may think all is, it will all disappear faster than you thought it would. Don’t worry about stupid things regardless of how many there are or appear to be.
  • You are here for a purpose and that purpose does not amount to worrying. You may or may not find your purpose, but what is important is that you know your purpose awaits you.
  • To every action there is always an equal reaction. You should control your activities for sure and if you stay focused on your own moves, steps and actions, then things will somehow fall into place.
  • Every failure can be seen as a path towards victory, as every triumph might pave the way towards defeat. It is important that you do whatever you think it’s best for you, despite the meaning of the previous sentence.