February 23, 2021

What’s The Most Important Thing To Truckers
What’s The Most Important Thing To Truckers

There are plenty of studies that deal with a question: what is it exactly that truck drivers find most important in the companies they work for? The “most important” is everything that can improve truckers’ job, thus making them more productive as well.

We emphasize three crucial things that are, in turn, intertwined.

1. Attitudes and relations

Truckers extremely value being treated with respect by their respective companies’ CEOs or executive managers. Mutual respect is behavioral basis for all those professionals involved in this complex business chain.

2. Family atmosphere

Truck drivers, more than employees in other industries, enjoy creating a culture so work feels like family. Understandably so, since more than 80% of truck drivers spend most of the time in long hauls, thus actually making more connections with company personnel and business partners than they make contacts with their own families.

3. Decency and mutual understanding

Many truck drivers stressed out they find the rudeness towards them – expressed by office staff – threatening to the extent that it can affect their personal safety. The specific misunderstanding and discord between office staff and truck drivers can result in serious consequences. Building an efficient team is not an easy task to do and the best starting point in improving workplace teamwork is empathy itself. Listening to the other and hearing them is the best first step in good direction.

What do you think is the most important thing for creating a business environment that helps you get ahead?