December 31, 2020

Apps that Will Make Winter Easier for Truck Drivers
Apps that Will Make Winter Easier for Truck Drivers

Cold weather brings dangerous driving conditions! Make sure you are ready and fully aware of what’s up ahead. If you are not a fan of technology already, here are some apps for weather and road conditions that can make your drive much more comfortable in the winter months:

AccuWeather, Highway Weather, The Weather Channel, Trucking Weather and Traffic, Weather Underground, Dark Sky (for iOS only), Carrott Weather, Weather On The Way (iOS only), Radar Scope – these are some of the most popular weather apps that are a must-have for truckers.

An app that could also be useful is Trucker Path. Here you can find many different features of importance for a trucker’s life. Whether you want updates on parking availability, information on weigh stations and scales or you just want to visit the trucking forum and have a conversation with your colleagues, Truckers Path covers it all.

Another great piece is Gas Buddy. This app helps you find cheap gas and fuel-saving offers. With the cold months at their peak, the fuel consumption skyrockets. It’s never a bad idea to spare a dime on it.