January 9, 2021

Which Roads in America are Most Dangerous for Truckers
Which Roads in America are Most Dangerous for Truckers

Truckers are performing one of the riskiest jobs in the U.S. but, luckily, majority of truckers get through their professional careers without being involved in major accidents. The best way for professional truckers to avoid any wrecks is to be skilled and safety conscious as much as possible.

Nick Austin, Director of Weather Analytics and Senior Meteorologist for freigtwave.com cites the top five most dangerous roads in America.

  • U.S. Highway 2 in Montana

According to the University of Minnesota, U.S. Highway 2 (US-2) in Montana has the highest traffic death rate compared to the rest of the highway.Winter weather conditions make it particularly dangerous.

  • U.S. Highway 550 in Colorado (The Million Dollar Highway)

This 25-mile stretch of the highway has many twists and turns through the mountains, ascending to an elevation of up to 11,000 feet. The weather in this part of the country can be erratic, with frequent snow, ice and high winds several months of the year. What makes this stretch of US-550 especially dangerous for truckers is the lack of shoulders or guardrails, and the drop-off can be extremely steep.

  • Interstate 95 in Connecticut

Because it runs through numerous heavily populated cities, especially in the Northeast, I-95 accounts for many highway fatalities each year. The majority of accidents on this highway happen on an 8-mile stretch in the city of Norwalk, Connecticut. Winter storms, springtime heavy rains and occasional high winds add to the risk of potential tractor-trailer wrecks.

  • Interstate 10 in Arizona

Arizona’s share of Interstate 10 totals more than 360 miles. Because of the high traffic volume and lack of median barriers, the 150-mile span from Phoenix to the California border is among the nation’s most dangerous highways.It averages about 85 fatalities per year. There is just one actual fuel stop located at the halfway point, in Coldfoot.

  • Dalton Highway in Alaska

Alaska’s James W. Dalton Highway — known as the Dalton Highway or Alaska Route 11 — is a highly dangerous route, mainly because it winds through mountainous terrain. It has only one fuel stop and little access to emergency services.