February 7, 2021

Two Practical Techniques to Establish Better Sleeping Habits
Two Practical Techniques to Establish Better Sleeping Habits

So many people, truck drivers included, have trouble falling asleep. Long-hauls can make it harder to fall asleep easily. Truckers are fully aware of these issues so we gladly share two tips that help them fall asleep quickly. The result is feeling rested and refreshed

TECHNIQUE 1 Enter the sleep mode by making your brain extremely tired

It sounds strange, but it’s true. If you just let your thoughts racing at night and, moreover, push your mind willfully to think about the same old thing over and over again, never to stop, then after a short period of time your brain will “turn off” allowing you to fall asleep.

Concretely, how does this technique work? What is important is that you should imagine a certain real-life scene that you have already experienced – for example, it can be your first date with the person you fell in love with later.

You should then repeat in your mind and memory the very scene of you meeting that person and all the subsequent developments. For the first couple nights your brain will ask that you gradually extend this scene and related matters.

You should just keep feeding your brain with the same not extended images and it is this stubborn, relentless repetition on your part that will make your brain exhausted and in such a furious search for an exit that it will let you enter the sleep mode. This method is both safe and effective.

In first few days you create a founding pattern that will help you fall asleep easily, no matter what.

TECHNIQUE 2 – Apply paradoxical intention

This technique is based on scientific evidence provided by Austrian neurologist and pdychiatrist Dr. Viktor E. Frankl (1905 – 1997). Before bed, you are invited to intend, even if only for a moment, precisely that you won’t fall asleep whatsoever.

Push yourself hard to stay up by using assertive sentences like: “There’s no way for me to sleep!”, “I shall be up even with my eyelids dropping!”, “Yes, I initially had a plan to sleep at least seven hours but I shall do my best to stay up whole night so that no one can compete with me in staying up!”

It might sound totally unconvincing but it does work, so you shouldn’t try to sleep but rather try to do just the opposite, that is, to stay awake as long as possible.

“In other words, the hyperintention to fall asleep, arising from the anticipatory anxiety of not being able to do so, must be replaced by the paradoxical intention not to fall asleep, which soon will be followed by sleep” (Dr. Viktor E. Frankl).

One more thing: the more creative you are and the more your assertive paradoxical sentences are witty, hilarious, amusing and humorous, the better results you get.