February 6, 2021

Do You Know What Amsler Grid Is? Test Your Eyesight Now!
Do You Know What Amsler Grid Is? Test Your Eyesight Now!

Truck drivers are most often than not affected by numerous sensations stemming from light itself. These strange sensations may be the reason why some people raise their doubts regarding the quality of their ability to see external objects in sharp resolution, and if their eyesight turns out to really be poor then the experience of dealing with poor eyesight could turn into a torment.

Here is a simple test for you to check your central visual field (or central vision) that can be defined as a process in which millions of cells change light into nerve signals that tell the brain what the person is seeing, thus allowing us to perform everyday activities such as reading, driving, watching TV, recognizing colors and shapes and, more specifically when it comes to trucking, making very important judgments like estimating distance and understanding details in the path ahead.

The Amsler Grid was named after and developed by Dr. Marc Amsler, a Swiss ophthalmologist, and is being used since 1945 as a diagnostic tool that aids in the detection of visual disturbances caused by changes in the retina, as well as the optic nerve and the visual pathway to the brain. Namely, a grid of horizontal and vertical lines are being used to monitor a person’s central visual field.

How to use the Amsler Grid test?

  • In front of you there is a card with a grid pattern with a clearly discernible dot in the very center of the grid.
  • If you are wearing spectacles, testing should be done with glasses only.
  • In a well illuminated room, you should hold the grid 12 to 15 inches away from your face.
  • You should cover one eye with hand and look directly at the center dot.
  • Then you should follow the same steps with the other eye.
  • Please, always remember to keep the Amsler’s Chart at the same distance from the eyes each time you test.


  • If the lines appear to be wavy, dim, irregular or fuzzy (as presented in the photos 1 and 2 respectively) please do schedule an eye exam immediately. Your doctor can perform additional testing to determine if your vision issues are due to age-related macular degeneration.


Take responsibility for your eyesight since it also affects all the other road traffic participants!

Have a safe journey!