January 25, 2021

Trucker Gives Tips to Regular Drivers
Trucker Gives Tips to Regular Drivers

One doesn’t need to know how to drive a truck to be a great driver but knowing it makes one a better driver. Despite the differences in controlling the two machines, they both go by more or less the same rules and co-exist within the same traffic system.

The lack of insight into how the trucks operate sometimes results in a lower awareness from regular drivers. Unknowingly, the drivers could badly affect the big vehicles on the road in different ways. That is why the truckers are very keen to reach out to car drivers and present their problems and pieces of advice.

One of the most common problems for truckers is sudden and sharp braking of cars driving in front of the truck, the braking without a particular reason. Even though the truckers always keep a safe distance, if you are a regular driver you should avoid the said braking. Another thing to pay attention to is the risky overtaking on blind corners – it puts the truck drivers in a very stressful position.

Finally, the thing that lacks the most is good manners. We should all respect each other in life and traffic. Life is so much easier when we are thoughtful and polite to each other on the road.