January 27, 2021

The Best Roads for Trucks in America
The Best Roads for Trucks in America

These are the most beautiful drives in America, according to truckers. What’s your choice?

  • Highway 101, California

“My favorite drive is Highway 101 in California between Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo. I love the 101! Highway 1 is too windy, and 5 is too boring – the 101 is just right. It’s like the Mama Bear of scenic drives.” – Art Alexakis

  • San Juan Byway, Colorado

“When people think ‘Colorado’, many of the images that pop into their minds are of majestic mountains, forests, rivers, canyons, and other natural features.” – Nancy S. Greif

  • I-70, Utah

“Anyone who spends time on the road knows there’s something special about being in the middle of Utah or Nebraska – you sit with it, and there’s a peace about it. You can go left or right, and it opens up all kinds of doors. You take your own path.”- Jason Momoa

  • I-64, West Virginia

“Anytime you’re in West Virginia or near it, and you sing, ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads,’ it’s a sight to behold.” – Brad Paisley