March 15, 2021

Six Great Trucking Movies Forgotten In Time
Six Great Trucking Movies Forgotten In Time

Golden era of movies about truck drivers covers the period extended from 1970s to late 1980s. Burt Reynolds, Clint Eastwood and Kris Kristofferson starred in these movies, impersonating trucking heroes on the silver screen. Here are 6 movies well worth watching, and some of them can be downloaded on YouTube:

  • White Line Fever (1975)

Fun Fact: “White Line Fever” is a term describing the mental detachment truckers sometimes experience after hundreds of miles on the Interstate.

  • Over the Top (1987)

Fun Fact: Over the Top was a critical and commercial flop, but ranks high on IMDb’s list of “Epic Trucking Movies.”

  • Rolling Vengeance (1987)

Fun Fact: Ned Beatty, of Superman and Deliverance fame, stars as the evil bigwig responsible for killing off the trucker’s family.

  • They Drive by Night (1940)

Fun Fact: Bogart was on the brink of a legendary career when he starred in They Drive by Night. Within the next few years, he’d have lead roles in classics like The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca and The Big Sleep.

  • Christmas Comes to Willow Creek (1987)

Fun Fact: This movie was a reunion for Wopat and Schneider, who played outlaw cousins Bo and Luke in The Dukes of Hazzard.

  • Hoffa (1992)

Fun Fact: Despite a big budget and an all-star cast, Hoffa was a flop with critics and moviegoers. Nicholson earned a Razzie nomination for Worst Actor of 1992.