March 12, 2021

Forgotten Trucking Words and Phrases
Forgotten Trucking Words and Phrases

During the 1970s and early 1980s, truck drivers in the United States have mainly used a unique lingo or argot while interacting with one another by means of CB Radio (Citizens Band Radio) as a form of land mobile radio system. Here are some of the most interesting and common CB lingo words and phrases:

  • Alligator: is the tread from the shredded tire of an 18-wheeler that can be found on the road
  • Bit on the seat of the britches: Got tagged by the police for a speeding ticket
  • Bear Den: is the term for police headquarters
  • Bear in the Air: when the highway speed is checked by an airplane or helicopter
  • Boy Scouts: another term for the state police
  • Bunny Hopper: would be a vehicle that changes lanes constantly
  • Clean Shot: when the road up ahead is free of any obstructions, construction, or police
  • County Mounties: would be a local sheriff’s patrol
  • Dropped it off the shoulder: is when a vehicle ran off the side of a highway
  • Fender bender: is a common term for a traffic accident
  • Flag waver: is what a highway repair crew is called
  • Kojak with a Kodak: police that are using a radar gun at the side of the road
  • Mile Marker: is the name of the mileposts that are on interstate highways
  • Nightcrawlers: is when many police are in the area
  • Paperhanger: is when police are giving out tickets
  • Parking Lot: is what you get when you have a traffic jam
  • Peel your eyeballs: is when you want to be on the lookout (usually for police)
  • Plain white wrapper: is a term for an unmarked police car
  • Rolling roadblock: a construction vehicle that is moving at a very slow speed
  • Rubberneckers: drivers that are interested in looking off the road, typically at an accident scene
  • Wear your bumper out: when a vehicle is following too close