March 9, 2021

Five Podcasts We Highly Recommend to Truck Drivers
Five Podcasts We Highly Recommend to Truck Drivers

Some of our previous posts addressed the topic of podcasts. Some would say podcasts are probably truckers’ best friends over the long hauls.

If you are listening to what is inspiring to you – giving you abundance of brand new ideas, making you brighter – then you did find your ideal partner while transporting the freight over long distances.

These are 5 podcasts we highly recommend. Hopefully you enjoy!

1. This American Life

It won the very first Pulitzer Prize ever awarded to a podcast. You may already know this storytelling podcast as the radio show of the same name. Its huge backlog of episodes alone is great fodder for marathon listening.

2. Mike Birbiglia’s Working It Out

If you like seeing what goes on behind the scenes, join comedian Mike Birbiglia and guest comedians as they try out new, untested material. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes things do get real, but it’s always fun listening to it.

3. The Lazy Genius

Being a person is hard, especially these days. Whether you’re having a hard time keeping it together or you seem to need a little nudge, this podcast will help you hack it. Get advice on how to deal with little things like organizing your life or big stuff like navigating political differences or faith.

4. Sports Wars

Professional sports aren’t just about what happens on the field or the court; some serious drama surrounds the entire industry. Packed in a well-researched format this podcast unpacks famous rivalries you may have missed and even those who don’t generally follow sports will enjoy.

5. Every Little Thing

Have you ever wondered who invented pants? Why we let a descendant of wolves sleep in our beds? This wide-ranging podcast gives the answers. Get your next conversation starter here.