May 3, 2017

Women in Trucking: Female Truck Drivers and Safety
Women in Trucking: Female Truck Drivers and Safety

In today’s time, there seems to be a demand for female truck drivers. Society is accepting women into jobs that used to be held mainly by males. Past discrepancies in the trucking industry have pushed women away from trucking jobs, and safety fears still influence women when going for a trucking career.

Dangers for Women in Trucking

Women have come a long way since Luella Bates set the standards in the 1920s, and even though women in trucking are becoming more popular today, they weren’t always greeted with open arms.

Since trucking used to be a male-dominated profession, female truck drivers would often be put in uncomfortable situations and even subjected to all kinds of harassment.

Stories of women in trucking and what they faced while in the industry can be found all over the web, and it is disgraceful to see that this led to a negative stigma attached to female truck drivers.

Since those times, there have been more and more female truck drivers, and they are joining together to protect themselves and try to eliminate that negative stigma.

Challenges for Women in Trucking

Don’t let past stigmas influence your decision if you are a female truck driver. It can be challenging but also very rewarding as long as you stay safe.

You can join groups online, which are communities of women in trucking who support each other and promote safety.

Safety of a Female Truck Driver

Aside from joining support groups, adding some extra safety steps to your on the road routine will help calm anxiety. Choose parking spots wisely. Make sure you aren’t secluded anywhere or parked in the back of truck stops.

Always carry essential safety tools such as a whistle around your neck and pepper spray. These safety tips can be used for truck drivers in general because there’s no such thing as too much safety.