September 15, 2017

Protection for Truck Drivers: Personal Safety on the Road
Protection for Truck Drivers: Personal Safety on the Road

Trucking can be a dangerous job not only when driving but also when at a stop. Truck drivers have to take their personal safety seriously because many dangers are lurking on the road.

Pulling over in the middle of nowhere at 1 AM can make any truck driver a target for thieves or other potential attackers. Being prepared for dangerous situations can calm anxiety and eventually save your life.

In the Armada Trucking Group, we take great care of our employees’ personal safety. We provide our truck drivers with assistance and feedback, and their safety on the road is one of our key concerns.

To help everyone in trucking feel safer, we gathered a couple of tips to help truck drivers prepare for the next trip.

Being Alert: A Key for Personal Safety

Probably the most important and the only free factor for personal safety is staying focused and aware of surroundings. A truck driver should always pay attention to people around him, even more, when, for example, pumping gas at night.

An experienced truck driver never leaves the truck unattended when unlocked. Reports of people climbing into cars and trucks while the owner is pumping gas can be seen all over the news.

Thoroughly checking the vehicle and the trailer is also recommended for making sure no one sneaked into the back compartment. Being thoughtful about cutting unnecessary and suspicious contacts also lowers the risks of incidents.

Carrying Protection: A Decisive Step for Personal Safety

For personal safety, it is always good to carry some protection. When a truck driver leaves his vehicle, even if only to use the bathroom, someone could be watching, so it is good to prepare with the right tools.

One of the most basic tools of protection is a whistle. It allows a truck driver to make a loud noise if threatened. Alert other people around can effectively scare away the perpetrator.

Another form of non-lethal measure is carrying a pepper spray – there are even mini pocket versions that go on keys. Pepper spray can stun the attacker, giving a chance to run away and call for help.

There are also lethal weapons available for those extremely worried about their wellbeing. Still, it is always better to think twice before reaching for a potentially deadly out of the situation.

When armed, truck drivers should make sure to check the state’s weapon-carrying laws before opting for them.

Self-Defense: Make Personal Safety a Skill

If weapons aren’t your thing, but you still want to use a bit of muscle, then learning how to hit, kick and block could be the right choice of ensuring personal safety.

Self-defense classes can be found at many places and sometimes even at the local gym. For a truck driver, it is always good to learn at least a few basic moves that could catch his potential opponent off guard.

Try googling some moves or check out the online videos if you can’t spare time to go to classes.

Some gyms also teach kickboxing, tae kwon do, karate, and other martial arts. They’re not simply “self-defense” classes, but skill training that makes man into a lethal weapon.

Finding ways to ensure personal safety on the road is very significant for truck drivers. Being aware of the surroundings, carrying protection, and learning self-defense will cover this critical segment of truckers’ life.