April 15, 2023

Why Truckers Should Care About Earth Day
Why Truckers Should Care About Earth Day

Earth Day is happening on April 22nd, celebrating mother earth and everything she provides for us while raising awareness about what hurts the planet. Changes for the better can occur but are only sometimes met with great enthusiasm; going green is not about taking away from traditions or forcing change on anyone. It’s about valuing the Earth and creating change before we’re left in a Mad Max world where critical resources are scarce or breathing the air becomes toxic. Everyone should care about Earth Day because it’s about raising awareness for climate change and finding ways to protect resources to keep the Earth thriving for as long as possible. Truckers should care about Earth Day because the going green initiative is spreading to trucking, calling for changes everyone might not be ready for.


What the Earth Provides

What the Earth provides for humans consists of renewable and nonrenewable resources. Renewable resources are those that don’t run out, like wind, solar, and hydrogen power, while nonrenewable resources will eventually be used up, like coal and oil. Learning to rely on renewable resources like wind and solar power can take the pressure off using nonrenewable resources.


Resources that the Earth provides.


Observing Earth Day

Observing Earth Day is easy to do and is all about raising awareness about climate change and thanking Mother Earth for the resources provided to us. Doing something small like cleaning up trash from a beach or lowering water consumption for the day are all things to do in observance of Earth Day. Some cities encourage residents to turn off power for one hour, highlighting conservation’s importance.


Beach cleanup for Earth Day


Why Should Truckers Care?

Truck drivers have favored diesel over the years to power their trucks. With electric power rising in popularity and necessity, it might be time to start assessing the better power for the trucking world. The Biden Administration revealed a goal of having 50% percent of commercial trucks manufactured to be electric by 2030. Attempting to bring around a greener future may require a change of tradition for some. Others who are already used to electric vehicles and have accepted them as a part of the future won’t have a problem if the transitions start affecting them.


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