October 18, 2022

Tesla Semi Truck Hitting the Roads
Tesla Semi Truck Hitting the Roads
Electric Tesla Semi Truck on the highway.

The talk of the town in trucking for the last couple of years has unveiled commercial electric trucks, specifically those manufactured by Tesla. The rugged and large diesel trucks spouting smoke from their exhausts may soon be replaced by sleek and quiet electric-powered semis.

Tesla Semi Truck Features

The Tesla semi-truck stays true to Tesla’s sleek, smooth, almost alien style. Capable of going 0-60 in just 20 seconds while fully loaded provides drivers with increased merging safety and efficiency. The future of the semi-truck is proving to favor electric-powered vehicles, and the Tesla semis will do just that. Tesla is not the only company producing electric semis. Freightliner trucks, the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, are also expanding into electric power. The main issue with electric-powered vehicles, especially semi-trucks, is charging energy and time. Tesla claims to be able to travel 500 miles on a single charge of their semi-truck, but will it be a nuisance for drivers trying to find charging stations or risk running out of a charge in an inconvenient location?

Electric Power Gearing up with Tesla Semi Truck

In the battle for a future of lower carbon emissions, the transportation industry relies heavily on electric power to lead that battle. Along with electric power, hydrogen power is also joining the clean energy game and is becoming a contender for use in semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles. Since electric-powered vehicles need to be charged, having enough charging stations available for drivers to stay set when needed may prove difficult. The introduction of ehighways may be a solution to charging problems, a story that continues to develop.

Tesla Semi-Truck Hits the Road

Tesla unveiled their intent to manufacture semi-trucks in November 2017. The design process has brought an all-electric, powerful commercial truck, seemingly ready for the roads. Tesla Semi prototypes have been floating around for the last couple of years and even more so in the last couple of months. In recent news, Pepsi seems to be first in line for Tesla semis and is set to start receiving models in early December. Tesla or not, electric-powered transportation is taking a stand for greener energy. With gas prices continuing to soar, it’s essential to know how to save on gas and improve driving, whether switching to an electric vehicle or not. Diesel-powered trucks are still around, but we might also be seeing more electric-powered beasts in the mix.