January 16, 2023

Trucking Road Highlights: Washington Sights
Trucking Road Highlights: Washington Sights
Washington sights are a beautiful edition to trucking road highlights.

The State of Washington hosts two of Armada Trucking Group’s terminals, making it a frequently visited state by drivers. With bustling cities and picture-perfect nature, the best way to see Washington is to drive through it. See what the evergreen state offers the next time you’re traveling through or stopping by for a visit.

Trucking Road Highlights: Washington Road Sights

The drive-through in Washington state is an experience on its own. Some places in Washington were showcased in our west coast sights edition of trucking across America, but the state has so much to offer its worthy of its own article. With towering trees and greenery in countless hues, roll down your windows and breathe in some of the best mother nature has to offer. A lot of rain is necessary for the Evergreen State to stay green, and Washington gets plenty of it. Rain can be a problem even when it’s light, but driving in the rain can be especially hazardous when it’s heavy and mixed with high-speed winds. Learning about what can happen in the rain and how to deal with issues is essential to ensure a safe trip.

Trucking Road Highlights in Washington: Seattle

Seattle, although not the capital of Washington, it is the biggest city and the leading commercial, marketing, and shipping center of the pacific northwest. Truckers visit Seattle often, and the emerald city has much to offer for truckers just passing by or tourists staying a while. One of the most prominent sights and arguably the icon of Seattle is the Space Needle. Seeing the space needle means you made it to Seattle, and it can be seen from the highway if you are driving by, or you can venture to the top for 360° views of the city and surrounding areas. Pike Place Market is also a prime destination, one of the oldest farmers markets in the U.S. Grab some souvenirs and other goodies to bring back to loved ones and show them you’re thinking about them on the road. A coffee fan will be at home at the original Starbucks, the first ever opened, at Pike Place Market. You can’t miss the food, even just passing through Seattle. With locally owned, mom-and-pop, and delicious food truck options, get yourself a reward for braving the road.


Trucking Road Highlights in Washington: Tacoma

If you’re driving in Washington but have yet to go as far as Seattle, Tacoma is another city on the rise, also visited by truckers delivering and picking up loads. Nestled between the state’s capitol in the south, Olympia, and Seattle in the north, it’s a prime location for visiting some of the best nature in the country. The food scene in Tacoma parallels Seattle’s, with good food on every corner. From steakhouses to cantinas, and plenty of Asian eateries, don’t drive through Tacoma without grabbing something to eat.


Trucking Road Highlights in Washington: Nature

Nature is dominant in Washington, and it houses some of the best National Parks in the country. With almost 1 million acres of pacific wilderness, Olympic National Park is a sight to behold. Located west of Seattle and Tacoma, the park features diverse ecosystems and immersion into nature. It is a large park, so it does take some time to explore, but the benefits would be endless if you have enough time to hike even one trail. Mount Rainier National Park is also a marvel belonging to Washington State. The mountain, also an active volcano, is iconic for Washington and towers over 14,000 feet into the sky, surrounded by fields of wildflowers. Take a short hike to see the flowers, or if you’re up (and prepared) for an adventure, check out the 93-mile Wonderland Trail that takes you around Mount Rainier. Visiting these parks does take time and might require a separate planned vacation to hit all the sights. With nature being so prevalent in the state, finding a small park or somewhere to walk with nature is easy. Nature can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while boosting overall energy. Dealing with anxiety on the road is difficult, especially for truckers, so finding avenues for escape is essential. Something as small as having lunch in a park can positively impact mental health.