August 5, 2021

Tokyo Olympics: 3 Sports You May Have Overlooked
Tokyo Olympics: 3 Sports You May Have Overlooked

Are you trying to find something new to watch at the Tokyo Olympics? The Olympics sound great, but the same sports seem to be popular. Some of us may be looking for a sport we wouldn’t typically watch to entertain us this season.

Getting Overlooked

When thinking Olympics, sports such as soccer, gymnastics, and track and field come to mind while many others might get overlooked or remain undiscovered to some until now.

Tokyo Olympics: Handball

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch someone play handball, treat this as an eye-opener. It’s a joy to watch, especially in the summer Olympics. 

It’s not the old schoolyard game where you alternate hitting a giant rubber ball against a wall, although that does sound super entertaining. 

Nowadays, handball is a mix between soccer and basketball, which might be confusing at first but stays entertaining throughout the whole game. The modern indoor version of handball made its Olympic debut in 1972 and has been in ever since. 

Check out some of the trick moves the athletes perform while shooting for a goal. You’ll get sucked right into it in no time.

Tokyo Olympics: Shooting

Shooting has featured in the Olympics since the first modern games in 1896. With different gun types, target distances, and shooting positions, athletes from all over the world compete for points, earning more the closer to the center of a target their shots are. 

Who would have known target practice could pay off. Precision and accuracy are critical while watching someone execute a skillful shot can be an exhilarating experience.

Tokyo Olympics: Fencing

Fencing is an authentic Olympic event, although some might find it hard to believe.

It might not be the most exciting of all the sports, but it must be the coolest because who wouldn’t want to watch sword fighting. It’s a tamed-down version, yet still exciting to witness. It’s worth watching if you haven’t before and are looking for something different in the Olympics.

The Olympic games host over 30 different sports with athletes from all over the world competing for glory.

Give it a try

If the usual sports aren’t doing it for you on the entertainment scale, make sure to check out some sports you wouldn’t have usually thought to watch, like handball, shooting, and fencing. You never know where you’re going to find a new favorite sport.