February 11, 2021

Tips For Snowy and Stormy Days
Tips For Snowy and Stormy Days

For us in the Armada Trucking Group, only one thing is more important than getting our shipment out there in time, and that’s the safety of our drivers. With snow blanketing large areas of the United States, the trucking industry has seen many disruptions so it is of utmost importance to be thoroughly prepared for the challenges ahead.

Here are some tips to follow before driving a truck on snowy and icy roads:

First and foremost, drive slowly and keep your distance. Do not hit the brake or gas too suddenly to avoid losing grip, and beware of black ice (even more than the white one). Bring equipment for ice and snow – both personal, like clothing and extra blanket, and for the truck, like a hammer for ice and winter glass cleaner. Keep fuel level up in case you get stuck for a long time or are unable to access the road leading to a fuel station.

Clean and check your lights and signalization and inspect the vehicle. Double-check everything! Wear warm winter shoes or boots as you don’t want to slip while inspecting the truck. Make sure your phone is charged, just in case something goes wrong.

In the end, if road conditions are too bad, stay off the road – no shipment is more valuable than your life!