September 24, 2021

The Biggest Myths About Truck Drivers!
The Biggest Myths About Truck Drivers!

There are so many myths that keep circling about truck drivers. David Allan Nelson described the four most common myths and here we present to you his findings made public on the platform .


– We are the dangerous ones on the road. Quite false. Just take a ride in a truck for a day. I see at least 10 dangerous acts by 4 wheelers per hour in traffic, but it’s rare to see a class A do something outright dangerous.


– That we do drugs to stay awake. People don’t realize that we get drug tested on a regular basis looking for that type thing. My ex next door neighbor used to drive high daily! Drunk driving in a semi? In more than 30 years, I only know of 5 confirmed cases, but 4 wheelers? They have check points for them!


– We cheat on our wives. I have been 40 years with mine, I am sure not going to go to a cheap whore just to end up with some STD and ruin the one and only person who loves and understands me.


– We are stupid. I may not have a college education, but I do have a high IQ, and am well read. What do you think we do with all our free time? I have read the entire Bible more than 50 times, better than most pastors. And, we have hours to think over what we read. Stupid we ain’t.