February 26, 2017

Should I Get a Job in Drop and Hook Trucking?
Should I Get a Job in Drop and Hook Trucking?

Over-the-road truckers face days away from home, long hours on the road, and cover miles a day. Life on the road can be demanding, but it can also be exciting, and drivers can collect great pay all while seeing the country. So, if you’re wondering whether now is the time to start a career in drop-and-hook truck driving, this post may clear up some common misperceptions about the career path, and answer that question with a resounding yes!

Daily Duties

Like any other job, there is a rhythm and a routine to the truck driving daily grind. Though you’ll be covering hundreds of miles per day, charging through different climates and weather conditions, most drivers establish a daily routine.

Drivers quickly learn preferred routes, tricks of the trade, and discover favorite and convenient stops along their routes. For most drivers, the day begins at a truck stop or wherever yesterday’s journey concluded. They’ll do a quick inspection of their truck, enjoy some coffee or breakfast and update their logbooks before climbing behind the wheel. Many drivers cover up to 600 miles per day. The number of days on the road may vary. Many companies offer flexible schedules and guaranteed home days for those in Class A driving careers in Los Angeles, CA.

Drop and Hook Driving

There are two primary types of over-the-road jobs: Live loads and drop and hook. Live load drivers reach their destination and wait—sometimes for long hours—for their trailer to be unloaded and reloaded. Drop and hook drivers simply deliver a trailer to a company’s warehouse, and then return for it a few days later. The convenience and the lack of waiting are one reason many drivers at the best paying trucking companies in Los Angeles prefer to work drop and hook.

High Demand

Truck drivers are in high demand. This simple fact offers a level of job security unheard of in other industries. There is a current shortage of truck drivers, and experts don’t expect that demand to let up anytime soon. In 2013, the American Trucking Association (ATA) reported there was a shortage of about 30,000 truck drivers. By 2015, the shortage had increased to 48,000.

Great Pay

Businesses need to transport their products and, in many cases, the only feasible way to get products from Point A to Point B is by truck. That necessity coupled with the driver shortage means driver salaries have increased in the last few years, and the salaries continue to creep even higher. The median salary for an over-the-road, or OTR, driver $73,000 per year, according to the ATA. The high salary and job security make FedEx driving jobs in Los Angeles, CA, a great way to make a living.

Job Description

Most OTR drivers work regional routes. Some drivers consistently work the same routes, while others prefer to drive a variety of routes. Either way, some of a driver’s job isn’t strictly behind the wheel. Drivers are also tasked with planning routes, calculating rest, and being familiar with regulations related to the industry.

Thanks to great pay, high demand, and the exciting opportunity to see the country, many people are seeking drop and hook driving jobs in Los Angeles, CA. There’s room for one more. Consider joining them.